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July 9, 2018

Bengal Govt to help the traditional amsotto-makers of Malda

Bengal Govt to help the traditional amsotto-makers of Malda

0Making amsotto, or sun-dried mango pulp – a famous cottage industry of Bengal – is now going to get a major boost as the State Government has decided to extend special monetary help to the women-only self-help groups (SHG) of Malda district to enable them to make its manufacturing more viable. Amsotto has traditionally been made by women.

More monetary help would also bring some stability to the manufacturers, as non-conducive weather (less or no sunshine or unseasonal rains) can badly hamper the making of this traditional mango-based food.

Malda has been selected because it is famous for its varieties of amsotto, many of which are not available elsewhere. With help from the State Government, more amsotto would be produced and be available across the State. Now amsotto is being used as nutritious food for children as well.

Help is already being provided by the State Government. The amsotto-makers of Kotuali gram panchayat (a cluster of 15 villages) near Malda town, a traditional hub, have seen their stock rise once again after many had left the business due to lack of help in marketing their products.

Amsotto is initially made from gopalbhog mangoes, and as the season progresses, with himsagar and lakshmanbhog, and finally with fazli.

Source: Khabar 365 Din