No compromise on Land Bill: WB CM

Trinamool Congress and other Opposition parties on Friday moved a motion against the land ordinance and urging for its immediate withdrawal.

Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee on Friday raised her sharpest pitch against the Centre on the ordinance dubbing it “draconian“ making it clear that her party would not comprise on this count.

The Chief Minister termed the land ordinance to be “anti-people”. “Land agitation is the right of farmers. This fact was brought to the national and international fore by Trinamool Congress. We strongly oppose the 100% acquisition clause (without consent),” she said.

It is to be noted that Trinamool is the only party which has consistently opposed the anti-people land bill. In 2006, party Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee even went on a 26-day hunger strike for the sake of farmers in Singur.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay speaks on Land Bill | Full Transcript

Full Transcript

Hon’ble Deputy Speaker Sir,

I rise to oppose the Right to Fair Compensation & Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation & Resettlement (Amendment) Bill, 2015. Sir, a land bill was brought by UPA Government in 2013. It was debated on the August 28, 2013 and both Congress and BJP supported the Bill. There was voting. The voting result was: 268 Ayes & 19 Noes. The 19 noes were from Trinamool Congress only; this voting was on my amendment and the motion was lost.

Who was the main Speaker in Lok Sabha on behalf of BJP? Rajnath Sigh ji was the main speaker who spoke on behalf of the Bill. Who was the main Speaker in Rajya Sabha on behalf of BJP? Mr Katiyar was the main speaker on behalf of BJP in Rajya Sabha. What is the necessity of introduction of another Bill when one Bill is already passed on the floor of the House with division of votes? Everybody has now come to know that what is the role of which party.

Trinamool Congress is of the opinion that farmers are to be given more free hand so far the Land Acquisition is concerned. We are totally against at the forceful occupancy of the land. I believe that every one of us should protest the forceful occupancy of the land on the farmers. We had our own fight in our State under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee when Singur land was occupied by a very big corporate house. We have seen the struggle of hungry farmers, how they maintain their livelihood.

Sir, land is not elastic that if you stretch it, it will increase. Land is the same but the population is increasing.  If the land is grabbed forcefully and all the decisions are taken in favour of the captains of industries or by the corporate houses, then gradually size of the land will be decrease and very soon there will be food scarcity in the country.

The Standing Committee made 13 recommendations when UPA brought a land bill. UPA Government accepted 11 recommendations but did not accept 2 recommendations. Trinamool Congress is in favour of all 13 recommendations made by the Standing Committee.

What were the two recommendations discarded by the then Rural Development Minister Hon’ble Jayram Ramesh Ji? Mainly it was that the private investor is expected to buy at least 80 per cent of the required land directly from the people. The government can acquire the remaining 20 per cent, according the draft. In case of social sectors it would be up to 70 percent other is to be acquired by the Government in whatever manner they deem fit.

What we raised objection at that time? That investor and the farmer should discuss among themselves and settle the price. It is totally to be left on the discretion of the farmers that whether he is interested or keen to sale his land or not. The government should not play the role of the mediator. It is not the duty and responsibility of the government to play a role of a mediator. Normally a farmer feels in such negotiations the attitude of the government is automatically favourable towards corporate houses.

We are against forceful acquisition of land. We believe 100% acquisition must be done by those who want to set up industry.

We also believe that only two types of land can be acquired -barren land and mono-crop land. We are against acquisition of multi-crop land.

Sir, Trinamool Congress has been at the forefront of land movement from the very beginning; we opposed the land bill even at the time of UPA Government. We still stick to our stand.

We believe this Bill will not serve the interest of common farmers. It will be certainly projected as anti-farmer and Trinamool Congress thoroughly opposes the Bill.

Thank you, Sir.

Trinamool walks out from LS to protest against land ordinance

Trinamool Congress MPs, led by Sudip Bandyopadhyay, walked out of the Lok Sabha today to register their protest against the land ordinance introduced by the Centre. Leader of the party in Lok Sabha, Sudip Bandyopadhyay, slammed the government for introducing such an anti-farmer legislation.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay said, ”Our leader Mamata Banerjee led a rally opposing this Ordinance which has been introduced. We totally oppose it and will be walking out to register our protest against this Ordinance.”

Trinamool was the only party that opposed the land bill of the UPA II government and voted against it in Parliament.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay speaks on the Land Ordinance | Full Transcript

Full Transcript

Sir, the Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation Resettlement Bill, 2011 was debated on the floor of this House on 29th August, 2013. There was voting. The result of voting was 216 ayes and 19 noes. I moved an amendment. There was voting for that amendment too. Trinamool Congress opposed that Bill. Our leader Mamata Banerjee led a rally opposing this Ordinance which has been introduced. We totally oppose it and will be walking out to register our protest against this Ordinance.

Thank you.

Centre trying to gag voices of dissent, spreading communal tension: Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool Congress today organised a massive protest rally against the NDA government’s proposed ordinance to bring in amendments to the Land Acquisition Act.

Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee led today’s rally against the ‘draconian ordinance’, as people from all segments of the society marched with her from from Moulali till Mayo Road near the Gandhi statue. The Chairperson launched an attack on the central government while addressing the gathering at Mayo Road.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay, who also spoke at the rally said, “The party has been consistent in its opposition to the forcible land acquisition policy. TMC was the only party to oppose UPA II’s land bill and call for division on the floor of Rajya Sabha in 2013.”

Highlights of the Chairperson’s speech:

My dear brothers and sisters. I thank you all for walking in today’s massive rally. This government has promulgated this ‘kala’ ordinance not once but twice.

Only TMC carried out people’s movement for farmers at a time when no one considered this issue. We carried out 26 day hunger strike for farmers of Singur. We fought for the people of Nandigram & Netai. We have always maintained transparency and consistency in our stand. We are against forcible land acquisition.


didi ord

Trinamool Chairperson at today’s rally

The Central Govt has taken several anti-people measures. From railway to retail, they are bringing FDI. The Central Govt is promoting communal violence. They are practising politics of divide and rule. The work of a government is to provide good governance. This govt is instead promoting communal violence. This Central Govt is one of empty promises. They only talk of giving funds. They have reduced allocations for most schemes.

We don’t want your money. Just stop taking our taxes.

This Govt is misusing CBI, ED, IT Dept, NIA for political purposes. People who were happy when BJP came to power are now saying “yeh achha din nahi hai”. Doordarshan has become BJP-Darshan. In Delhi CPM and BJP pretend to fight. But in Bengal they are bhai-bhai. PIL has become Political Interest Litigation now.

The Opposition will lose in Municipal Polls just like they lost at Bongaon & Krishnaganj. We have not come to power overnight. We have a history of struggle.

Why are they asking for accounts of Trinamool? We are a poor party. What about parties who spent crores for LS polls? The system is to submit accounts and records to EC. Why should we submit them to someone else?

We fought against CPM for 34 years. Now they cannot win polls. So all they do is appear on TV studios. Has the CPM forgotten about 21 July? Have they forgotten about Coochbehar? Dhonekhali? What has the CPM not done? People have not forgotten about their reign of terror.

A party which cannot protect its party HQ from its own workers wants to come to power in Bengal.


land ord 5

Posters and banners at today’s rally

From land bill to any undemocratic, anti-people measures – we will protest against everything. Opposition trusts forces more than the people during elections, it seems.

Every time elections approach, Central agencies send notices to TMC. Let’s compete on the agenda of developmental work. I challenge the Opposition. The more they try to attack me, my resolve strengthens.

I have conducted 80 district tours. Secretariat goes to districts now, not the other way round. The slander campaign will be defeated. The smear propaganda will be silenced. People will win in a democracy. Despite all odds, Bengal is surging ahead on the path of development. Even if they take away our revenue, development will continue in Bengal.

Vote for Trinamool in the upcoming municipal polls. Shower us with your blessings. Our Mayor has done excellent work in last 5 years; he will do even better in future. Kolkata is cleaner and greener now. Vote for Trinamool. Vote for development.


didi ord speech

Chairperson addressing the rally at Mayo Road

Trinamool to hit the streets against land ordinance on April 8

Trinamool Congress under the leadership of Chairperson Mamata Banerjee will hit the streets on 8 April in Kolkata to protest against the draconian Land Bill.

The rally will start from Moulali at 4 PM and will march towards Gandhi statue on Mayo road. Similar rallies will be held at every district of West Bengal.

Partha Chatterjee, Secretary General of Trinamool Congress, said, “This is a black ordinance. We will wear black cloth and black badges to protest against this ordinance.”

Trinamool Congress has a long history of people’s movement for the right of farmers. The party has fought against forceful land acquisitions in Singur, Nandigram and other places of West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee went on a hunger strike for 26 days in 2006 for the farmers of Singur.

In 2013, when UPA II introduced the Land Acquisition Act, Trinamool was the only party that wanted a division and voted against the Bill in the floor of the Rajya Sabha.

Trinamool is committed in opposing the draconian Land Bill and will fight for the rights of the farmers.

Dinesh Trivedi speaks on Land Acquisition Ordinance, 2014 | Transcript

Full transcript:

Deputy Speaker Sir,

I hope you will be as patient with me, as you have been with our Hon’ble ex Prime Minister. Sir, after Hon’ble ex Prime Minister of India, whatever he had to say, he has said it very elaborately. In fact, my esteemed colleague, Sri Kalyan Banerjee spoke yesterday, not only on the legal points but also on the substantial points of this Bill.

At the outset, let me tell you, hum is Bill ka humara party ke taraf se zor shor se virodh kar rahe hai. Aur virodh karne ke sath sath yeh pata nahi chal raha hai ki hum inke shukriya aada kare, inka abhari hoye, ki inko bahut bahut dhanyavad de ki yeh Bill laye. Ab yeh baat hum kyun kahe rahe hai? Is Bill se aap ne kaya kiya hai hum bataye, aap pure Opposition ko ek sath unite kar diya hai. Aur is Bill ke madhyam se, aap dil pe haat rakkhe kahiye, aap ka andar main bhi ek disunity a gayi hai. Kyunki zyada tar ke lok iske virodh main hai.

Sir, it is a very simple question. Aap ke niyat me humein koi shaak aur shanka nehi hai. Aap jo kar rahe hai, aap ki samajh bhi wohi hai ki is se shayad desh ka bhala ho. Aap ke niyat me hume shaak nehi hai ki aap kisi ek punjipati ko zyada paisa dilana chahte hai, yeh humara dil me koi shanka nehi hai.

Sir, it is a very basic question. Clause by clause everybody has talked about and they have demolished this. I am not going to go on that, I am going to talk about substantial process of democracy. I am going to tell you in a very patient manner and will not get agitated about it but the fact is this is for all of us. For this country and the future generation which is going to come.

Sir, ismein baat bahut simple hai. It is the right of an individual against the might of the State. Sir, aaj bhi Narita Airport me ek kisan baitha hua hai. Sir, iske mudde bahut bahut simple hai ki aap kis prakar se kanun banana chahate hai uski prakriya keya hai. What is the process of law making?

I am hitting at the basic process of law making. Even the Hon’ble President of India made an observation this is not the way that you come up with ordinance after ordinance.

Sir, does the stakeholder have the right to understand what is happening or we just want to bulldoze a bill? For What? Why? What is the big hurry, like everybody has said?

Sir, have you circulated this draft to the stakeholders? Have you consulted the people who are going to get affected? Have you consulted the political parties? India means 1.2 Billion people we have always been talking about. The poor kisaan, the Bill is so complicated he will take some time to understand the Bill.

Sir, where is the draft circulated? Even before circulating the draft you have brought the Ordinance. Sir, I want to take it to a Committee of Secretaries in January 2014. The Committee of Secretaries had pronounced with due diligence and permission of the Government that, henceforth whatever laws comes into being, has be circulated in a draft form, there has to be a wider discussion and after that only the Bill will be presented and will be debated on.

Sir, I just want to take you through the border points. We all are in Parliament. I started my career in public life with consumer protection. In consumer protection Sir, what happens, some factual stuff – ki ek cheej ka ishtahar hum karte hai, we advertise for one thing and we give a product which is just the opposite. Toh kya hota hai? Toh hum bolte hai ki yeh dhokadhari hai ki apne ishtihar toh is cheej ka diya tha?

I am not going to shout at all. They must have patience. This is democracy, you can’t shoot me down. Please understand, yaha na Ravan ki chali hain, na toh Duryodhan ki chali hain, na toh Kansa ki chali hain. Yaha kissi ka nahi chalta hai, yeh sun ke rakhiye aap.

Sir, humne ishtehaar ki baat ki.

I am coming on a basic document Sir, and what is the basic document? Please I would urge the members to listen very carefully. This basic document is a Manifesto which is our ishtehaar, we go to the voters with the basic document called the Manifesto. And with your permission I will take two minutes to read the Manifesto.

It says, ‘In encouraging the production of cereals and discouraging the conversion of fertile farm lands for dubious industrial projects.’ It says, ‘land acquisition for infrastructures in farmer’s interest will be protected. The Centre and the State Governments for long have acquired land through an opaque process, to hand it over to the private parties under the umbrella of public purpose. The UPA Government has approved 572 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) that cover 50,000 acres (three times the size of Singapore). This is clearly absurd and spells disaster for the farming sector.’

‘The BJP will adopt a National Land Use Policy which will protest the interest of the farmers, the implementation will be monitored by the National Land Use Authority which will work with the State Land Use Authorities to regulate and facilitate land management. The powers and functions of the National Land Use Authority will be similar to that of other regulatory authorities. The BJP will bring about amendments for an existing law. The BJP will not allow the conversion of fertile farmland for industrial, commercial projects or for Special Economic Zone. Acquisition of land for industrial use will be addressed after careful scrutiny of Parliament and Standing Committee of the Parliament.’ Sir, it says, ’It will be addressed by careful scrutiny of Parliamentary Standing Committee Report and forcing the need to protect the farm sector after duly discussing with the stakeholders.’ This is your Manifesto and I am afraid that you are going totally against your Manifesto.

Sir, I remember if there has been a private company and said, that ‘I am going to sell you this’ and he sells something absolutely opposite of that, then we know what would have happened. I am not going to use any harsh words. I am totally as you are, interested in the farmland.

Sir, I will take some more time because this country is of Mahabharata, this country is of Ramayana, and this country is of Guru Granth Sahib and Quran Sharif.

I would just take you to the days of Mahabharata Sir. When Pandavas asked to Kauravas, ‘give us little land, we do not want anything, this our land too.’ Kaurava said, ‘Sui ki nokh tak ki zameen nahi denge. Aap ko ladai karni hain toh kar lijiye .’

Toh ladai toh farmers karenge. Woh tayari aap ki honi chahiye.

Now sir, let me conclude.

Sir, take the case of corporate sector. I have nothing against them. Take the case of a very beautiful club in the heart of Delhi, called Delhi Golf Club. I also go there to play golf. Now, that zamin belongs to the Government. Yeh Sarkari zamin hai. Toh humara ek dost keh rahe the, ki aap virodh kyun kar rahe hai is Bill ka? Toh humne dost ko kaha, yeh to sarkari zamin hai, toh kal uth kar agar sarkar kehti hai, ki is Delhi Golf Club main hum ek AIIMS ka building banana chahte hai, aur golf ko bandh karna chahte hai, tab dekhiye maza kya hota hai. Just as a test case, aap le lijiye, ki aap yeh kar sakegi ki nehi? Yadi aap woh kar sakte hai, toh hum bhi kahenge ki humari bhi manzuri hai.

Aakher mein hum yeh kehte hai ki, aap zara meherbani karke ek sher suniye. Sir, yeh kaya hota hai na, hum jab idhar a jata hai, toh hum khud ko bhagavan samaj lete hai, khuda samajhte hai,ishwar samaj lete hai. Hum khuda hai, hum sab ka kitab likhte hai (hum law banate hai), tum kaun ho (Opposition ko aap kahenge) ki humse pucho ki hum aapna hisab kaise likhte hai?
Bahut bahut shukriya, Sir. Aur aap ko hum yeh kahenga, maherbani kar ke, please send this Bill to the Standing Committee. This is in the interest of the farmers and this is in the interest of the country. And I will not be wrong, if I say that is in your own interest.

Please send this Bill to the Standing Committee.

Trinamool opposes Land Ordinance in the Parliament

Trinamool MPs in both the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha today protested against the Land Acquisition Ordinance at the entrance to Parliament. The Trinamool Congress also gave notice for suspension of Question Hour in the Rajya Sabha today and pressed for a debate on the issue.

The issue was debated in the day’s proceedings. Trinamool was the only party to protest against it since the beginning, when the Bill was tabled.

In the Rajya Sabha, Trinamool Chief Whip Mr Derek O’Brien pointed out that in the last eight months, the Government has made a record for passing the least number of Bills compared to the number of Ordinances. He also pointed out that earlier Parliament followed the 3 D’s – Deliberate, Debate, Decide. The Government now only decides, he said, while opposing the Ordinance.

“We are happy that other parties have accepted the fact that the Land Acquisition Ordinance is not right for the farmers. We will not let this Bill pass,” said Derek O’Brien.

In the Lok Sabha, AITC MP Mr Saugata Roy pointed out that the Land Ordinance was the most anti-farmer and anti-poor legislation possible. While opposing the Ordinance, he pointed out that this legislation, if brought in, will be a death bed for farmers.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had said the situation under the present government was worse than that during the Emergency period, and her Government would not implement the proposed amendments under the Land Acquisition Act. She had instructed her party workers to stage a symbolic protest against the Ordinance by burning copies of the Bill.

On December 31, 2014, the Trinamool Congress had staged protest rallies in West Bengal and burnt symbolic copies of the Centre’s Land Ordinance, which was described as “black”.

Street rallies were organised by the party at Esplanade and Khidderpore in Kolkata, and at the block-level across the State as a mark of protest.

Trinamool Congress workers carried placards which read “We won’t accept the black Land Ordinance of the Central Government”. They also sported badges bearing the inscription, “We are not accepting the black Land Ordinance”.

Trinamool consistently opposed draconian Land Bill: Derek

Statement by Derek O’Brien, National Spokesperson and Chief Whip in Rajya Sabha:

We are glad that many parties are now coming around to oppose the Land Ordinance.

Trinamool has been consistent. We strongly opposed even the UPA 2 Land Bill and called for voting in RS. This one too is draconian.

Trinamool to protest against anti people ordinances: Partha Chatterjee


Trinamool Secretary General Partha Chatterjee today announced at Trinamool Bhavan that the party will protest against the anti-people Ordinances which have been imposed by the ruling party. The party will organise protest meetings on 7, 8, 14, 15 February between 3-4 PM without causing inconvenience to the public.

“BJP could not get Bills passed in the Parliament. They are imposing anti-people Ordinances now on the nation. We will not accept the Central Government’s land policy. They have issued Ordinance in every important sector”, he said.

He added, “We ask everyone to unite against the BJP’s undemocratic tactics. People of Bengal will reject the politics of hate and divisiveness practised by BJP. We will protest in every block. We urge everyone who is against communal politics to join our protest meetings.”