Dinesh Trivedi requests Lok Sabha Speaker to change the date of discussion on No Confidence Motion


Madam Speaker,

As you might be aware, we have a annual rally coming up on July 21. The Martyrs Day rally, which commemorates the day of martyrdom of our 13 workers.

Now because of that all our MPs – all 34 of them – will be in Bengal.

Madam, I would request you to shift the date of discussion on No Confidence Motion from Friday (20 July) to Monday (23 July). Otherwise our entire team is out. And in democracy it is not a good idea to have such a huge party, with the third highest number of MPs, to remain absent.

So, it is my sincere and humble appeal. I am sure our friends in the Congress & other parties will agree. Unfortunately, the Business Advisory Committee is not there. So, kindly consider my appeal.

Dinesh Trivedi asks a Question on cyber security


Madam, modern warfare is not going to be fought with bullet or bombs; it is going to be cyber attack. And I am sure that the Minister and the House is aware that the world has no clue about the prevention, Because the attack can come from anywhere and we have seen it. In his answer, the Minister also has mentioned it.

Internal security is looked after by the Ministry of Home Affairs, external security is looked after by Defense Ministry. Cyber attack is both internal and external security threat and it is a very specialised area.

Would the Government consider having a separate Ministry altogether which could be known as Ministry for Cyber Security, because in coming days this is going to be as dangerous as nuclear warfare.

Thank you, Madam.


Dinesh Trivedi’s Question in Lok Sabha on the minority status of Jews


Our Hon Prime Minister had a historic visit recently to Israel, which not only India, but the world at large saw on television, the warmth with which the Israeli people have received him.

I also had the honour of leading a delegation of MPs to Israel and I can tell you that the people there love Indians very much. Having said that, the statement of the Minister has said that they have received a request from the various Jewish federations for a special status.

My question is, what is the progress? This is the great opportunity to give something for the declining population of Jews, to show them that India also equally loves them, which our Prime Minister definitely also showed.

Thank you, Madam.


Dinesh Trivedi speaks on Demands for Grants of Ministry of Railways for 2017-18


Thank you very much Sir. Main apni party ko bhi bohot dhanyabad dena chahta hoon jinone mujhe yeh mauka diya. Humne kal hi Holi manaya. Sabse pahele sab sathiyo ko aur desh wasiyon ko Holi ki bahut bahut mubarakbad. Mamata Ji isko bahut acche shabdon mein kehte hain ki Maa, Mati aur Manush. Woh hi humein disha dikhatein hain.

Aur humne kahaan sathiyon, hum sab rajniti mein kyu hain? Kyuki sabse bada hain desh. Humare sabki niyat yeh hi hain, niti alag ho sakti hain, humara jo debate hota hain shayad woh niti ko leke hota hain, niyat sabki ek hoti hain ki desh kaise aage bade. Desh rahega toh hum rahenge, aur desh ke liye sab kurban. Aur yehi baat main kehna chahta hoon.

Yeh aisa desh hain jiska parichay kya hain? Himalaya. Kya aap Bharatvarsh ki kalpana kar sakte hain Himalaya ko apne samne na rakhte huye? Hindustan ki ek aur parichay hain – Ma Ganga. Aur tisra parichay hain hamari Bharatiya Railways. Yeh tin aisa parichay hain jo desh ko jodti hai.

Aaj jo escalators etc lage hain uski nibh kaheen na kaheen Mamata Ji ne lagai hogi, ke unke budget mein pass kiya hoga, process thoda der se chalta hain magar hum sabki ek hi akanksha hain ke iss prakar se rail mazboot bane aur usske age kuch nahin. 14 March, 2012 mein main ne yeh hi kaha tha “Desh ki ragon me daurti hai rail, Desh ke ha rang ko jodti hai rail, dharm, jati-pati nahi janati hai rail, chote-bade sabhi ko apna manti hai rail”.  

Sir, yehi hamari bhavna hain ki Rail kis prakar se aage bade. Sab se pehle jo zikar ho raha tha ki Rail ki tarakki zaroori hain aur uske liye hum koi mauka nahi chodte. Rail ki jo karamchari hain, unke balboote se aaj Rail jahan par hain; iski neev hain Rail ki karamchari. To aaj tak ki uplabdhiyaan main Rail ke karamchari ke naam karta hoon aur har ek karamchari ko main jhuk ke pranam karta hoon. Aap hi ke wajay se Rail aj bulandiyon par pahunchi hain.

Is saal ek aitihasik budget tha kyun ki dono budget ko ek saath milaya gaya. Sir, beech mein ek Convention Committee ki baat huyi thi. Ab itihaas ke panno mein hum jaye to 1924 mein jo Convention Committee – Separation Convention Committee – huyi uska ek itihaas hain. Samay mere paas bohot kam hain to main uspe nehi jaoonga, magar, 1898 se 1924 mein Rail ko ek bohot zyada profit huyi thi – Rs 103 crore. Uske baad Angrezon ko laga ki bhai yeh to kamdhenu gai hain, tab se unhone alag kiya ta ki unhe paisa mil sake interest mil sake.

Finance Minister ne Budget pesh karte hue kaha ki ‘The merger of the Railway Budget is a historical step. We have discontinued with The Colonial Practice Previlances 1924’. Sir, mera is mein ek alag manna hain, aur mera manna hain ki jab tak aap Railway ke paribhasa ko badlenge nehi, tab tak Rail jis prakar se aage badni chahiye us prakar se aage nahi bad sakti.

Main yeh kyun keh raha hoon? Railway ka definition kya hain Sir? Railway ka definition hain aur main paragraph five of ‘The Concept Paper of The Rail Department of Authority of Indian Railways’ January 2016 padh raha hoon. Aur woh kya kehta hain? “Indian Railway is a Department of Government of India, it is also a commercial organisation that has to operate on some business principle, apart from recovering the cost, it is imperative to generate revenue streams educate to generate surplus, required for capital investment and for future expansion, periodic renewals of asset upgradation of infrastructure and providing for safety related works.”

Sir, yeh paribhasa colonial hain, jab tak yeh paribhasa ko aap nahi badlenge, tab tak Rail ki tarakki nahi ho sakti; Sir, aap puri duniya ke Rail ko aap le sakte hain, Rail aapne aap revenue generate kar ke growth nahi kar sakti. Wo alag vishay hain us bishay par main baad mein aaonga, par Cabinet Note bhi yehi kehti hain ki, ‘it will continue to be a Department run commercially undertakings.’ To us bishay ke charcha main baad mein karoonga, magar jab tak woh paribhasa aap nahi badlenge.

Rail ki paribhasa kya honi chahiye? The Railways should be that infrastructure which will add a half per cent to the GDP, and it will be a catalyst. Apne aap mein profit nahin kar sakti hain, bahut mushkil kaam hain. Aur khas kar ke Hindustan, jahan itne gareeb baste hain, aur wahi poore Hindustan ki takat hain. Woh aap ne chunav mein bhi dekh liya. Magar yeh paribhasha colonial hain. Iss paribhasha ko aap ko badalna hi parega.

Kyunki yeh demand ka vishay hain, toh mein thode aankhron mein jana chahunga. Bahut baar aankhre bahut boring lagte hain, political speeches achhi lagti hain. Kyunki aankhre ka sawal hain, mujhe padne main dilchaspi aati hain.   

Sir,pehli baat toh, main Bangal ki taraf nazar rakhoonga. Humare ongoing projects Rs 40,000 crore ke barabar – ongoing, jo abhi hain; pichle projects ko toh hum saath nahin le rahe hain. Aap ne paise diye hain, uss liye hum shukrguzar hain – aap ne sirf 15 per cent diye. Sir, iss se kya hota hain ki gati bahut dheemi ho jati hain, aur jab gati bahut dheemi ho jati hain tab uske daam badh jati hain, aur phir kehte hain ki aap paise diye.

Sir, mein ullekh karoonga – bahut saare projects hain – metro projects kitne hain, aur metro projects ke baad jab aap kahenge, toh ek toh hain aap ka Joka ko le ke BBD Bag. Hamara khud ka kshetra, Barrackpore – bahut saari samasya thi, wahan land ki bhi samasya thi. Mein Mamata ji ko dhanyavaad dena chahta hoon, Prabhu ji ke saath baithkar jitna bhi jatil mamla tha, woh jatil mamla sab suljha diya.ab gati aap ke haath mein. State Government ki taraf se sab mamle suljha diye. Toh Sir, 15 per cent yadi dete hain toh bahut bahut hi kamzoor par jayegi aap ki speed. Ab iss ke baad.

Mein ab aankhre pa aaonga jo hamara Railways Demands for Grants 2017-18 ka Vishay hain. Sir, mujhe thori fikr hain. Manoj ji, mujhe fikr yeh hain ki – main aankhre ke saath kahoonga – ki jo aap ne passenger revenue for financial year 2017-18 ka kiya hain,main uss par aap ka nazar gaur farwana chahoonga. Percentage of growth in the Budget Estimate 2016-17 is (-)1.74. Percentage growth over RE 2016-17 is (+)4.40. Suburban is (+)0.92%, non-suburban is (-)0.66%.

Sir, iss mein humko ek baat yeh kehni hain ki aap jab comparison karte hain toh Budget Estimate ka saath Budget Estimate karte hain. Yahan aap jab comparison karte hain aur kehte hain 4.4% hamara badega toh ab Revised Estimate se aap compare karte ho to budget estimate ho gaye revised estimate. Kam hogaye aur phir aap forecast karte hai zyada ka aur kehte hai itna percent bada woh percentage barta hai aapka revised estimate se. So, growth over budgeted estimate 2016-17 was minus 4.61 percent matlab itne passenger ka aapne revenue kum hua. Aap BE 2016-17 ko BE 2015-16 se compare kare non suburban ka toh minus 5.14 percent ka aapka ghata hua.

Sir issue kya hai? Issue yeh hai, Sir ki when there is a continuous decline in BE to BE figures jab aap woh compare karte ho last two years  and actual have also shown decline. How is your forecast for 2018 showing an increase of 0.20%? How is this possible, Sir? ye possible nahi hai. Dil ko bhailane ke liye yeh khayal acha hai ghalib magar ye mujhe kehi na kehi aakro main kami lagti hai. Similarly average road is not increased and passenger kilometre is also going down. The projected increase is only 0.2 percent in 2017-18 over RE 2016-17. How will the railway achieve a financial increase of 4.4 percent over RE 2016-17?

Yadi aap fare increase karte hai toh parliament ko kehna parega. Will there not be a diversion of passengers? Sir aaj kal kya hora hai passenger number kum hora hai woh jaa rahe hai ya toh air mein nahi to Volvo bus mein. Ab dekhiye last year se compare kare toh air traffic 24 percent bade hai aur last 6 saal main dus crore passenger plane se jane lage.

Sir, paanch cheezon se aapko paisa ata hai – ek toh fare se aata hai, parcel aur luggage revenue se ata hai, postal se ata hai, postal van charges, ticket checking se aata hai aur special train se ata hai. Sir during 2016-17 BE was projected to increase 34 percent increase in revenue of BE of 2015-16 magar kya hua aapne project toh kiye tha 2016-17 showed the increase of only 8.41 percent. During 2017-18 BE has been  projected at a modest of 5 percent over BE of 2016-17 but 30 percent over revised estimate jiska zikar main pehle kar raha tha.

Aap revised estimate ka sahara le kar dikha rahe hai ki bahut bara increase ho raha hai magar yeh mujhe lagta hai ke kahi na kahi gumrah ho raha hai. Sir issue kya hai issue yeh hai ke in the past 3 years Indian Railways fell short of its budget estimate in the segment parcel  by 25 percent. Isn’t the expectation of this vast increase only a wishful thinking?

Sir, parcel traffic is decreasing day by day. The Ministry of Railways should justify if there is any chance of its increasing and how are they going to increase it. Postal vans are also reducing due to the diversion of postal mail to courier services. The Indian Railways has not been able to harness e-commerce. E-commerce ka bahut ek bara hissa hai jo Railways ke paas ja sakta tha. Aaj woh road pe ja raha, air pe ja raha.

Sir, forecast for the goods traffic is also not very good. Sir, the freight forecast for financial year 2017-18 – percentage growth over 2016-17, is 0.19% only. Aur percentage growth over RE , phir aap ne RE laga diya, woh aap ne dhikaya 8.5%. Growth forecast for freight traffic (physical), that is, metric tonne, Sir, the percentage growth over 2016-17, you have shown as a 0.69% increase. Percentage growth over 2016-17 is (+)6.5%. But actual mein yadi hum dekhe, yadi hum BE ko BE se compare karte hai toh 2016-17 mein (-)2.5% over BE of 2015-16. Sir, iska matlab yeh hai ki asal jo hai aap ka passenger kam ho raha hain, revenue kam ho rahi hain, aap ka freight bahut bahut  kam ho raha hai. Sir, conclusion ke dwar pe yeh hain ke this is the first time in Railways recent history where originating tonnage has decreased over the previous year. Yeh kabhi nahi hua tha. Kyunki  India is a growing economy, logh kahin na kahni, shayed road par ja rahe hai, aur kuch ho raha hai. Coal ke movement nahi ho rahi hai.

Sir, earnings per millions of freight traffic has remained static for the last 2 years. Yadi do saal se aap ke traffic static hain, toh Sir yeh toh bahut hi mushkil kaam hain, aur jo aap projection kar rehe hain Sir, if your operating ratio is 94.57, mujhe pata nahin  kahan se aayega. Mere paas Sir aankhre hain end of December tak. Yeh Railway ke aankhre mere pas  hain. Usme dikathe hain ki operating ratio is 110 (109.60 or something like that) kyonki 110, matlab aap ko Rs 100 kamane hai toh Rs 110 ke lagaat lagani paregi. Toh kahin na kahin, Sir, woh economy aap ke Railway ki charbarah rahi hain, ushi ki aur mein apka dihaan aakarshan karna chahoonga Sir.

Sir, the Railways has reached a stage where the internal resource and revenue funds is mainly 11%. Sir the internal revenue is only funding 11%.Budget outlay of 2017-18 of 1.31 lakh crore. It only looks at the trains the Railways is funding from outside. Sir, isme extra budgetary resource hain, aap ka borrowing hain, aap ka debt hain.

Sir the Railways revised net revenue estimate of 2016-17 stands at Rs 7,695 crore, compared with the Budget Estimate of Rs 18,210 crore. Matlab aap ne socha Rs 18,000 crore milega. Apne revise kiya to Rs 7000 crore, a decline of 58% yeh bohut gambhir samasya hai.

Sir the railway revenue from 2017-18 is estimated as 1,78,350 crore which is 9% increase from revised – again they are taking revised. Sir the Railways Surplus has been on the decline – decline by 20% of the estimated. Aapka jo flexi fair hai usse apka revenue kam ho rahi hai, aap figures par chale jaaeye yadi yatri ko Rs 3000 AC ka vara dena hai toh woh toh budget airline meh Rs 2000 ya Rs 2500 rupaye meh pahunch jaega; apka bohut nuksaan ho raha ha.

Sir, aakhir meh aapne kaha hai sources of Rashtriya Railway Shuraksha Kosh. Sir main yeh pucchna chahta hoon yadi koi airline maan lijiye kehti hai yeh humara safety fund hai aap uss airline meh jaenge kya? Kyunki safety is your responsibility; you can’t say this is a separate safety fund. That is the railway’s responsibility, if tommrow any airlines say this is a safety fund yadi humara tyre kharaab ho gaya safety fund meh paise honge toh hi tyre badlenge nahi toh tyre nahi badlenge. Is that acceptable?

Aajkal itne saare accidents kyu huye? Itne accidents historically nahi huye, is accidents ka kaaran yeh hai ki aapke paas depreciation – jo purane assets ko change karta hai har saal aapko Rs 25000 crore rupeya uss depreciation – mein daalne chahiye. Us depreciation ko chhor kar, yeh naya rail kosh fund chalu kiya hai. This is nothing but a depreciation fund. So i am asking that if you do not give depreciation to change the railways from Rs 25000 crore, if you all are only giving Rs 3000 or 5000 crore, then I think it is a dangerous situation.

Sir aakhir mein main dohrana chahunga jo maine 14 March 2012 ko kaha tha:


‘Rail gaadi ki chuk chuk meh aam aadmi ki dhak dhak hai,

Railway gaadi ki chuk chuk meh aam aadmi ki dhak dhak hai,

Rail gaadi ki barkat meh hi desh  ki barkat hai,

Railway gaadi ki chuk chuk meh aam aadmi ki dharkan hai,

Rail gaadi ko kuch dular ki zarurat hai thodi rahat thodi chahat thodi pyaar ki zarurat hai, Kyuki Railway gaadi ki chuk chuk meh aam aadmi ki dhak dhak hai’.
Bahut bahut dhanyawad.


Dinesh Trivedi speaks in Lok Sabha on Intolerance

Addhyaksh Mahodaya, aapka bahut bahut shukriya. Main aapni party ka bhi shukriya ada karna chahta hun. Mujhse kahagaya ki hamare paas sirf sat minute ka samay hai aur sat minute ke samay main pata nahin…

Is sat minute ke samay mey aise serious mudde par kahan kaisi baat kare. Magar main yeh jarur kahunga ki main aaj thora sarma sa hun. Mujhe bhi parliament mey bahut saal ho gaye hain. Yeh mera choutha term hain. Jab aaiyne ki baat aa rahi thi tab tab main soch raha tha ki aaiyna mujhse who pehli si surat mange.

Madam, yeh pehli si surat keya thi? Yiha gunaho ka lekha-jokha ho gaya. Aapke gunah yeh hai, aapke gunah who hai, aur hum begunah hai. Aaj humne socha tha ki jo baatchit hogi, jo bahas hogi aur aapne jo bahushalinta ke sath yeh disha di thi ki bhaiya, aap aaj job hi kare, lekin is sangsad ki garima ko thoda nazarandaz mat kijiyega. Main is baat ka jikr kuyn kar raha hun? Main is baat ka jir is liye kar raha hun ki pura desh dekh raha hai ki aaj sangsad mey is traf se ya us taraf se aisi baat hogi, dono taraf se ek sur milenge. Kaha gaya hai ki ’sur mile mera tumhara, to sur bane hamara.’ Magar kahi na kahi, mujhe lagta hai ki hum thode besure ho gaye. Yeh aaiyne ka baat ayi hai to desh yeh aaiyna dekh raha hai. Jahan tolerance aur intolerance ki baat aayi hai, main samajhta that ha ki aisi bishay par charcha hogi au raise mudde par baat hogi ki kis prakar se, main rail mantra rahan hun, isliye rail ka jikr karunga ki hum jis patri par chal rahe hain, usi patri par chalet rahe, magar derail na ho jaye.

Kahin na kahin yeh man kar chalna parega, Something has, perhaps, gone wrong. Barna is bishay par aaj charcha kyun karte? Why are we talking about a subject like being intolerant? This is a country of Kabir, Mirabai, Tulsidas, Ramanujam, Rahim, Vivekanand, Narsi Mehta, Sri Aurobindo and Tagore. Mujhe lagta hai ki puri raat nikal jayegi aur baat khatam nahi hogi. Yahi hai hamara parichay, hamara parichay iske sibaye aur kuchh hai hi nahi hai. Vivekananda ji jab aati thi, sabane quote kiya hai, main bhi thoda quote karunga –

“I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance.”

Yahi hai hamara asli chehra. Lekin kahi na kahi aaj bahas minority aur majority ke bare mey ho gayi. Mujhe nahi lagta hain ki is par bahas aur charcha honi chahiye thi. Mujhe Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma ki yaad aati hai. Madam aapko yad hoga Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma pahele hindusthani the, jo space mey gaye the, us shay Manoniya Indira Gandhi je pradhan mantra thi, unhone puccha tha – Rakesh ji, aapko Hindushtan kaisa lag raha hai, tab Wing Commander Rakesh ji ne kaha – Saare Jahan Se Accha, Hindusthan humara. Yehi hai Hindustahn ki pehchan. Humein yeh tai karna ki humse galti ho rahi hai yah nahi hor rahi hai? Kya hum nishkarsh par pahuchte hai ki galti nahi ho rahi hai? Sabko library se dastabej mile hai. Jab bhi Sadan mey bahas hoti hai tab library bahut acchi research karti hai. Yahi hum is research paper mey jaye to payenge ki jitney bhi scientists, intellectuals, artistes kah rahe hai, award wapsi ho rahi hai toh kahi na kahi kucch hai. Yadi Aamir Khan kucch kahte hai to who kahte hai, who unki baat hai. Aap uska matlab yeh nahi hai ki hum sabko dusre desh bhej de. Yadi dusre desh bhejte to hai toh who bhi diaspora ho jati hai. Mananiya Pradhan Mantri ja kar unhi se mukhatib hote hai. Yadi sabko Pakistan bhejenge toh do Nation Theory fir se One Nation Theory ban jayegi. Kitno ko bhejenge?

Mahodaya, kyunki mere pas samay jyada nahi hai, isliye sankshep mey moti-moti baten kahna chahta hun. Aaj yadi Aamir Khan kucch kahte hain toh uskamahatwa kam hain lekin yadi koi sangsad kuchh kahta hai toh uska bahut bara mahatwa hota hai. House mey privilege hai. Aaj magazine ki baat kahi gayi ki yadi usne galat likha hai to privilege ka mamla banta hai. Aaj House ki garima ka sawal hai, Aap dekhe ki kaise-kaise shabd, ashabd ka upyog House ke barein mey hota hai. Mein unko jimmedar nahi thaharana nahi chahtahun. Abhi, kal ki hi baat hai, dopeher ki karib do baaje the, mein FM India shun raha tha. India jockey kah raha tha, tamasha nam ki film aayi hai, agar aapko who film dekhne bahar nahi jana to aap television khol lijiye kyunki parliament toh sabse bara tamasha hai. Jab yiha atankbadio ka hamla hua tab security forces takat ke saath lad aur shaheed huye the. Main bahut se logon se sahmat nahi hun, jo kahne lage the ki aaj sandad mey bahut dikhad ghatna huye ki ek bhi sansad nahi mara gaya. Yeh humara reflection hai. Is liye hum yeh tai karna hai ki hum chingari se aag lagayenge ya aag ko bujhayenga? Kahte hai:

“ Chingari koi bharke to sawan use bujhaye,

Sawan jo aagan lagaye toh use kau bujhaye?”

Yeh bahut bara desh hai aur is desh par hum sabko naaz hai.

Madam, pura bishwa aaj taklif mey hai aur uska usko rasta dikhanewala Hindustan hai Hindustan yadi kahi dagmaga gayaaur is sakkar may hum par gaye ki yeh minority hai, yeh majority hai tahta Hindu dharm ek aisa dharm hai jise mein kahta hun ki yeh physics, chemistry aur maths hai. Yeh pure science hai aur pure science sabko lagu karti hai. Newton’s Theory ek mazhab ya mazhab ko laghu nahi karti hai. Sab mazhab ko lagu karti hai. Isliye aapaka chahe swacchh Bharat ka aviyan ho jo ki bahut accha aviyan hai, lekin aviyan tabhi safal hoga jab hamare bichar swacchh hogeaur iske liye bahut jaruri hai ki hum saath milkar kahi na kahi garibi ke khilaf nade kyunki garibi se hum tolerance nahi ho sakte.

Madam, Gandhi ji jo jo tolerance k eek bahut bare pujari the. Unhone aapna ‘Chaurichora’ ka andolan stagith kar diya jiske liye kitne log saheed huye. ‘Chaurichaura’ ka andolan sthagit isliye kiya gaya ki 25 sipahiyo ko zinda jala diya gaya, unhone yad karte huye ki mujhe aisa andolan nahi chahiye jaha violence hai. Humein kahi na kahi sochna hoga aura pas mein milkar garibi ke khilaf larai larti hogi jiska abhi Pradhan Mantri ji ne bhi jikr kiya ki aise garibi se ladai nahi ho sakegi jab hum divided hai. Aaj sham ke bad jab hum ghar jate hai to message kya jata hai?

Are we united or are we divided? There is nothing wrong. Difference does not mean defiance. In democracy, there has to be difference. Otherwise, there will be a one-party Government. But on certain basic structures like drinking water, like poverty, like law and order, like defence, I do not think there could be any other view than making sure that we fight for it.

Madam, I still have a lot of hope that outside, this country is certainly very tolerant. I will not accept that this country is not tolerant. We had tolerated for years and years and years together a lot of things. We belong to a country of Gandhi. And that is what Mahatma Gandhi had taught us, and a lot of leaders had taught us. I am not going to give a sermon because – uske kabil toh mein nahi hum agar yeh hai ki –

“Majhab nahi shikhata, aapas mey bair karna,

Hindi hai hum, bachan hai, Hindustan humara.”

Madam, before you stop me, I again want to thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.

Dinesh Trivedi speaks in Lok Sabha on the Adjournment Motion | Full Transcript

Madam, I thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. This is a temple of democracy, and this temple of democracy, as far as we are concerned in TMC, is perhaps much higher that all the temples which we go to.

Madam iis mandir me charcha ka koi vikalp nahi hain. I have no doubt that all of us would share this sentiment and you have tried your best also. I personally feel that whenever it comes to corruption, Trinamool Congress and our leader Mamata Banerjee have always been found to be fighting that.

There is no question of ‘this side versus that side’, lot of us are very senior members of Parliament, and today, I can tell you that I am also pained as most of us would have been. I have been a Member of Parliament from Rajya Sabha and from here from 1990. I have never seen this kind of acrimony, and I hope and pray that this would be perhaps the last.

Why do I say this? I say this because these issues are very important. The entire country and perhaps the entire world is looking at India because we are very proud of our freedom, we are very proud of our democracy. The world is looking at India because India has taken the lead in the world’s stability.

My colleague and our parliamentary party leader Sudip Bandyopadhyay, in the All-Party Meeting very kindly called by you several times to make sure that we get out of this impasse, suggested to please accept the motion and go ahead with the debate. But unfortunately that did not happen. Madam there is another issue of Vyapam. Sudip Bandyopadyay had also given notices of adjournment on that. The issue is equally serious and people also want certain clarification.

Madam I do not think that I need to really go in further because a lot of things have already been spoken about. I do not think we have anything of add to whatever has been spoken but yes in conclusion I will tell you that this is the highest temple and in a democracy there cannot be anything higher than this august House and the Rajya Sabha.

Madam we do not live by legality alone, we live by the perception of the people of the country also. And we have got to be equally concerned about what is the perception, what is the propriety. I don’t think so it would be fair for me to say that we sit on somebody’s judgment. The biggest court for us is the people of India.

But it is equally important that the matters which are seen by the country, we debate like we perhaps are debating now with a very calm and silent state of affairs. I just hope and pray that in future we will have debates which are also such that people of this country want to listen.

Thank you very much for having given me the opportunity.

Dinesh Trivedi speaks on Land Acquisition Ordinance, 2014 | Transcript

Full transcript:

Deputy Speaker Sir,

I hope you will be as patient with me, as you have been with our Hon’ble ex Prime Minister. Sir, after Hon’ble ex Prime Minister of India, whatever he had to say, he has said it very elaborately. In fact, my esteemed colleague, Sri Kalyan Banerjee spoke yesterday, not only on the legal points but also on the substantial points of this Bill.

At the outset, let me tell you, hum is Bill ka humara party ke taraf se zor shor se virodh kar rahe hai. Aur virodh karne ke sath sath yeh pata nahi chal raha hai ki hum inke shukriya aada kare, inka abhari hoye, ki inko bahut bahut dhanyavad de ki yeh Bill laye. Ab yeh baat hum kyun kahe rahe hai? Is Bill se aap ne kaya kiya hai hum bataye, aap pure Opposition ko ek sath unite kar diya hai. Aur is Bill ke madhyam se, aap dil pe haat rakkhe kahiye, aap ka andar main bhi ek disunity a gayi hai. Kyunki zyada tar ke lok iske virodh main hai.

Sir, it is a very simple question. Aap ke niyat me humein koi shaak aur shanka nehi hai. Aap jo kar rahe hai, aap ki samajh bhi wohi hai ki is se shayad desh ka bhala ho. Aap ke niyat me hume shaak nehi hai ki aap kisi ek punjipati ko zyada paisa dilana chahte hai, yeh humara dil me koi shanka nehi hai.

Sir, it is a very basic question. Clause by clause everybody has talked about and they have demolished this. I am not going to go on that, I am going to talk about substantial process of democracy. I am going to tell you in a very patient manner and will not get agitated about it but the fact is this is for all of us. For this country and the future generation which is going to come.

Sir, ismein baat bahut simple hai. It is the right of an individual against the might of the State. Sir, aaj bhi Narita Airport me ek kisan baitha hua hai. Sir, iske mudde bahut bahut simple hai ki aap kis prakar se kanun banana chahate hai uski prakriya keya hai. What is the process of law making?

I am hitting at the basic process of law making. Even the Hon’ble President of India made an observation this is not the way that you come up with ordinance after ordinance.

Sir, does the stakeholder have the right to understand what is happening or we just want to bulldoze a bill? For What? Why? What is the big hurry, like everybody has said?

Sir, have you circulated this draft to the stakeholders? Have you consulted the people who are going to get affected? Have you consulted the political parties? India means 1.2 Billion people we have always been talking about. The poor kisaan, the Bill is so complicated he will take some time to understand the Bill.

Sir, where is the draft circulated? Even before circulating the draft you have brought the Ordinance. Sir, I want to take it to a Committee of Secretaries in January 2014. The Committee of Secretaries had pronounced with due diligence and permission of the Government that, henceforth whatever laws comes into being, has be circulated in a draft form, there has to be a wider discussion and after that only the Bill will be presented and will be debated on.

Sir, I just want to take you through the border points. We all are in Parliament. I started my career in public life with consumer protection. In consumer protection Sir, what happens, some factual stuff – ki ek cheej ka ishtahar hum karte hai, we advertise for one thing and we give a product which is just the opposite. Toh kya hota hai? Toh hum bolte hai ki yeh dhokadhari hai ki apne ishtihar toh is cheej ka diya tha?

I am not going to shout at all. They must have patience. This is democracy, you can’t shoot me down. Please understand, yaha na Ravan ki chali hain, na toh Duryodhan ki chali hain, na toh Kansa ki chali hain. Yaha kissi ka nahi chalta hai, yeh sun ke rakhiye aap.

Sir, humne ishtehaar ki baat ki.

I am coming on a basic document Sir, and what is the basic document? Please I would urge the members to listen very carefully. This basic document is a Manifesto which is our ishtehaar, we go to the voters with the basic document called the Manifesto. And with your permission I will take two minutes to read the Manifesto.

It says, ‘In encouraging the production of cereals and discouraging the conversion of fertile farm lands for dubious industrial projects.’ It says, ‘land acquisition for infrastructures in farmer’s interest will be protected. The Centre and the State Governments for long have acquired land through an opaque process, to hand it over to the private parties under the umbrella of public purpose. The UPA Government has approved 572 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) that cover 50,000 acres (three times the size of Singapore). This is clearly absurd and spells disaster for the farming sector.’

‘The BJP will adopt a National Land Use Policy which will protest the interest of the farmers, the implementation will be monitored by the National Land Use Authority which will work with the State Land Use Authorities to regulate and facilitate land management. The powers and functions of the National Land Use Authority will be similar to that of other regulatory authorities. The BJP will bring about amendments for an existing law. The BJP will not allow the conversion of fertile farmland for industrial, commercial projects or for Special Economic Zone. Acquisition of land for industrial use will be addressed after careful scrutiny of Parliament and Standing Committee of the Parliament.’ Sir, it says, ’It will be addressed by careful scrutiny of Parliamentary Standing Committee Report and forcing the need to protect the farm sector after duly discussing with the stakeholders.’ This is your Manifesto and I am afraid that you are going totally against your Manifesto.

Sir, I remember if there has been a private company and said, that ‘I am going to sell you this’ and he sells something absolutely opposite of that, then we know what would have happened. I am not going to use any harsh words. I am totally as you are, interested in the farmland.

Sir, I will take some more time because this country is of Mahabharata, this country is of Ramayana, and this country is of Guru Granth Sahib and Quran Sharif.

I would just take you to the days of Mahabharata Sir. When Pandavas asked to Kauravas, ‘give us little land, we do not want anything, this our land too.’ Kaurava said, ‘Sui ki nokh tak ki zameen nahi denge. Aap ko ladai karni hain toh kar lijiye .’

Toh ladai toh farmers karenge. Woh tayari aap ki honi chahiye.

Now sir, let me conclude.

Sir, take the case of corporate sector. I have nothing against them. Take the case of a very beautiful club in the heart of Delhi, called Delhi Golf Club. I also go there to play golf. Now, that zamin belongs to the Government. Yeh Sarkari zamin hai. Toh humara ek dost keh rahe the, ki aap virodh kyun kar rahe hai is Bill ka? Toh humne dost ko kaha, yeh to sarkari zamin hai, toh kal uth kar agar sarkar kehti hai, ki is Delhi Golf Club main hum ek AIIMS ka building banana chahte hai, aur golf ko bandh karna chahte hai, tab dekhiye maza kya hota hai. Just as a test case, aap le lijiye, ki aap yeh kar sakegi ki nehi? Yadi aap woh kar sakte hai, toh hum bhi kahenge ki humari bhi manzuri hai.

Aakher mein hum yeh kehte hai ki, aap zara meherbani karke ek sher suniye. Sir, yeh kaya hota hai na, hum jab idhar a jata hai, toh hum khud ko bhagavan samaj lete hai, khuda samajhte hai,ishwar samaj lete hai. Hum khuda hai, hum sab ka kitab likhte hai (hum law banate hai), tum kaun ho (Opposition ko aap kahenge) ki humse pucho ki hum aapna hisab kaise likhte hai?
Bahut bahut shukriya, Sir. Aur aap ko hum yeh kahenga, maherbani kar ke, please send this Bill to the Standing Committee. This is in the interest of the farmers and this is in the interest of the country. And I will not be wrong, if I say that is in your own interest.

Please send this Bill to the Standing Committee.

Dinesh Trivedi speaks on the poor condition of the jute industry | Transcript

Sir, I would like to draw your kind attention of the Government through you towards the deteriorating conditions of Jute Industry in West Bengal.  Importance of Jute Industry in my state cannot be stressed enough Sir as it employs two lakh fifteen thousand people and accounts for nearly 79.57% of production in the country.

The Ministry of Textiles states that it provides MSP to encourage jute farming. However the fact is, for the last 12 years beginning 2001 to 2012-13, the production of jute in West Bengal has gone down nearly 7%, Sir.

The present price system does not support the jute farmers.  The jute mills in West Bengal are in dire state. 5 units of National Jute Corporation Ltd and others had been declared sick during the last 10 years though three of them are now part of the revival scheme.  They continue to function with a lot of losses.

Under the Jute Packaging Materials (Compulsory Use of Packing Commodities) Act 1987, the Government of India has consistently reduced the mandatory provisions from 100% for food grains and sugar in 2011-12 to 90% and 20% respectively in 2013-14 citing inadequate supply. 10 mills have shut down in West Bengal beginning 2010-11 to 2012-13 and newspapers report that six more mills have shut in the last two months.

I request the Government to urgently look into this matter in order to support jute farmers, jute mills and prevent large scale unemployment.  For this I request you to change the provisions under JPM Act, 1987 for mandatory jute packaging for food grains and sugar to 100%