No compromise on Land Bill: WB CM

Trinamool Congress and other Opposition parties on Friday moved a motion against the land ordinance and urging for its immediate withdrawal.

Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee on Friday raised her sharpest pitch against the Centre on the ordinance dubbing it “draconian“ making it clear that her party would not comprise on this count.

The Chief Minister termed the land ordinance to be “anti-people”. “Land agitation is the right of farmers. This fact was brought to the national and international fore by Trinamool Congress. We strongly oppose the 100% acquisition clause (without consent),” she said.

It is to be noted that Trinamool is the only party which has consistently opposed the anti-people land bill. In 2006, party Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee even went on a 26-day hunger strike for the sake of farmers in Singur.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay speaks on Land Bill | Full Transcript

Full Transcript

Hon’ble Deputy Speaker Sir,

I rise to oppose the Right to Fair Compensation & Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation & Resettlement (Amendment) Bill, 2015. Sir, a land bill was brought by UPA Government in 2013. It was debated on the August 28, 2013 and both Congress and BJP supported the Bill. There was voting. The voting result was: 268 Ayes & 19 Noes. The 19 noes were from Trinamool Congress only; this voting was on my amendment and the motion was lost.

Who was the main Speaker in Lok Sabha on behalf of BJP? Rajnath Sigh ji was the main speaker who spoke on behalf of the Bill. Who was the main Speaker in Rajya Sabha on behalf of BJP? Mr Katiyar was the main speaker on behalf of BJP in Rajya Sabha. What is the necessity of introduction of another Bill when one Bill is already passed on the floor of the House with division of votes? Everybody has now come to know that what is the role of which party.

Trinamool Congress is of the opinion that farmers are to be given more free hand so far the Land Acquisition is concerned. We are totally against at the forceful occupancy of the land. I believe that every one of us should protest the forceful occupancy of the land on the farmers. We had our own fight in our State under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee when Singur land was occupied by a very big corporate house. We have seen the struggle of hungry farmers, how they maintain their livelihood.

Sir, land is not elastic that if you stretch it, it will increase. Land is the same but the population is increasing.  If the land is grabbed forcefully and all the decisions are taken in favour of the captains of industries or by the corporate houses, then gradually size of the land will be decrease and very soon there will be food scarcity in the country.

The Standing Committee made 13 recommendations when UPA brought a land bill. UPA Government accepted 11 recommendations but did not accept 2 recommendations. Trinamool Congress is in favour of all 13 recommendations made by the Standing Committee.

What were the two recommendations discarded by the then Rural Development Minister Hon’ble Jayram Ramesh Ji? Mainly it was that the private investor is expected to buy at least 80 per cent of the required land directly from the people. The government can acquire the remaining 20 per cent, according the draft. In case of social sectors it would be up to 70 percent other is to be acquired by the Government in whatever manner they deem fit.

What we raised objection at that time? That investor and the farmer should discuss among themselves and settle the price. It is totally to be left on the discretion of the farmers that whether he is interested or keen to sale his land or not. The government should not play the role of the mediator. It is not the duty and responsibility of the government to play a role of a mediator. Normally a farmer feels in such negotiations the attitude of the government is automatically favourable towards corporate houses.

We are against forceful acquisition of land. We believe 100% acquisition must be done by those who want to set up industry.

We also believe that only two types of land can be acquired -barren land and mono-crop land. We are against acquisition of multi-crop land.

Sir, Trinamool Congress has been at the forefront of land movement from the very beginning; we opposed the land bill even at the time of UPA Government. We still stick to our stand.

We believe this Bill will not serve the interest of common farmers. It will be certainly projected as anti-farmer and Trinamool Congress thoroughly opposes the Bill.

Thank you, Sir.

TMC opposes anti-farmer Land Bill in Lok Sabha

Trinamool Congress today strongly opposed the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Amendment) Ordinance, 2015 – Land Bill in common parlance – in Lok Sabha.

Speaking on behalf of the party, the leader of AITC Parliamentary Party in Lok Sabha, Sudip Bandyopadhyay questioned the need for another Bill when one was already existing.

“In 2013, a Bill was passed in Parliament which was supported by both Congress and BJP. Trinamool was the only party to vote against the Land Bill of UPA,” he said.

Making a strong case for 100% consent for acquisition, he maintained that the government must not play the mediator in such cases.

“We should concentrate on barren land and mono-crop land. We are against acquisition of multi-crop land. Our stand is the same as that of 2013,” he added.


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No compromise on land bill: Mamata Banerjee

There would be no compromise on the Centre’s land acquisition bill, West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee said, reiterating her stand of not supporting the bill.

“Why should we support the land bill? Land bill, no compromise,” Ms Banerjee told reporters in Purulia.

“It is linked with soil. It is linked with our struggle,” she said. She was in Purulia for attending an administrative review meeting to take stock of the developmental projects in the district.

“We have made our stand clear in Parliament. I sat on a hunger strike for 26 days against forcible land acquisition,” Mamata Banerjee had said.

“It was our movement against forcible land acquisition which had sparked the demand for abolition of the draconian Land Acquisition Act of 1894,” she stated.

Saugata Roy opposes the introduction of Land Bill in Lok Sabha | Full Transcript

Full Transcript

Under rule 72 of the Rules of Procedure, I move to oppose the introduction of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlements (Amendment) Bill, 2015.

The Bill takes away the chapter on social impact assessment as well as the chapter on food security in case of certain land acquisitions. This Bill is against the interests of farmers and has been opposed by all opposition political parties and farmers’ organisations. Hence it should be opposed tooth and nail by everybody who has farmers’ interest at heart.

The Bill also takes away the right of consent of the farmers. Where 80% consent of the farmers was needed for land acquisition for a private party that has also been removed for certain land acquisitions. Madam, this Bill shows how a Bill should not be put. A Bill was passed in Parliament in 2013; even the BJP party had supported the Bill at that time. The government brings a second amendment and because of the majority they pass it in Parliament. The Lok Sabha passes it and it is not even taken up in Rajya Sabha. After the session is adjourned briefly, the government issues an ordinance. Then it has again brought a Bill to support it.

This tortuous process of legislation is something that should not be happening. We feel unhappy that steps have been taken by the government against the farmers. The steps are being taken by the government to run the country by an ‘Ordinance Raj’. This is a second time an ordinance has been introduced.

Hence Madam, with all the force at my command I oppose the introduction of this anti-farmer Bill which takes away from the farmers, their own right to give consent for their land acquisition. It also takes away their right to have a social impact assessment on their land acquisition and also the minimum provisions for ensuring food security.

We had opposed even in 2013 when the government had imposed the 80% consent clause. Trinamool Congress had said that we want 100% consent of farmers for land acquisition for private parties as we had done during the Singur agitation.

It has been a matter of principle and a matter of faith for our party and we shall continue to oppose any attempts to tweak the Land Acquisition Bill in favour of the big businesses which this government is trying to cater to.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay speaks in Lok Sabha on the Land Bill | Full Transcript

Full Transcript

I should categorically mention it that it was not a unanimous decision. It was a consensus. I moved an amendment from our party’s side, the Trinamool Congress, and that was voted in August, 2013. The result of the voting was – Ayes ‘268’ possibly and Noes ‘19’. That was the difference.

So, Trinamool Congress is not against the introduction of any type of Bill as such, but that should be a pro-farmers’ Bill. When we opposed it, this Bill said: “That 80 per cent of the total land will have to be taken by the owner concerned and 20 per cent will have to be taken by the Central Government interference.”


TMC opposes the introduction of Land Bill in Lok Sabha

Trinamool Congress today vociferously opposed the introduction of the Land Bill in Lok Sabha. Speaking on behalf of the party, Saugata Roy said Trinamool was always opposed to anti-farmer legislation.

Citing the party’s role in Singur land agitation, Saugata Roy said this Land Bill is favourable for big businesses and was against the interest of farmers. “The Bill does not have provisions for social security assessment. It has no provision for food security,” he said.

He accused the government of ruling through Ordinance Raj.

Speaking after him, leader of the party in Lok Sabha, Sudip bandyopadhyay said that in 2013 Trinamool was the only party to vote against the UPA’s land bill. He said the current Bill does not have any provision for taking consent of farmers.

RS: Trinamool opposes statement by minister on draconian land ordinance

Trinamool Congress today strongly protested against the Statement by Minister explaining the circumstances which had necessitated immediate legislation by promulgation of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Amendment) Ordinance, 2015.

Voicing the party’s dissent to the draconian law, the leader of the party in Rajya Sabha, Derek O’Brien said this anti-farmer, anti-people ordinance must be scrapped. He added that Trinamool has been consistent in its opposition to the draconian land bill.

As a token of protest, a Trinamool MP also tore up the agenda papers which listed the statement by minister in business for the day.

Trinamool walks out from LS to protest against land ordinance

Trinamool Congress MPs, led by Sudip Bandyopadhyay, walked out of the Lok Sabha today to register their protest against the land ordinance introduced by the Centre. Leader of the party in Lok Sabha, Sudip Bandyopadhyay, slammed the government for introducing such an anti-farmer legislation.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay said, ”Our leader Mamata Banerjee led a rally opposing this Ordinance which has been introduced. We totally oppose it and will be walking out to register our protest against this Ordinance.”

Trinamool was the only party that opposed the land bill of the UPA II government and voted against it in Parliament.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay speaks on the Land Ordinance | Full Transcript

Full Transcript

Sir, the Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation Resettlement Bill, 2011 was debated on the floor of this House on 29th August, 2013. There was voting. The result of voting was 216 ayes and 19 noes. I moved an amendment. There was voting for that amendment too. Trinamool Congress opposed that Bill. Our leader Mamata Banerjee led a rally opposing this Ordinance which has been introduced. We totally oppose it and will be walking out to register our protest against this Ordinance.

Thank you.