Lok Sabha

May 11, 2015

Saugata Roy opposes the introduction of Land Bill in Lok Sabha | Full Transcript

Saugata Roy opposes the introduction of Land Bill in Lok Sabha | Full Transcript

Full Transcript

Under rule 72 of the Rules of Procedure, I move to oppose the introduction of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlements (Amendment) Bill, 2015.

The Bill takes away the chapter on social impact assessment as well as the chapter on food security in case of certain land acquisitions. This Bill is against the interests of farmers and has been opposed by all opposition political parties and farmers’ organisations. Hence it should be opposed tooth and nail by everybody who has farmers’ interest at heart.

The Bill also takes away the right of consent of the farmers. Where 80% consent of the farmers was needed for land acquisition for a private party that has also been removed for certain land acquisitions. Madam, this Bill shows how a Bill should not be put. A Bill was passed in Parliament in 2013; even the BJP party had supported the Bill at that time. The government brings a second amendment and because of the majority they pass it in Parliament. The Lok Sabha passes it and it is not even taken up in Rajya Sabha. After the session is adjourned briefly, the government issues an ordinance. Then it has again brought a Bill to support it.

This tortuous process of legislation is something that should not be happening. We feel unhappy that steps have been taken by the government against the farmers. The steps are being taken by the government to run the country by an ‘Ordinance Raj’. This is a second time an ordinance has been introduced.

Hence Madam, with all the force at my command I oppose the introduction of this anti-farmer Bill which takes away from the farmers, their own right to give consent for their land acquisition. It also takes away their right to have a social impact assessment on their land acquisition and also the minimum provisions for ensuring food security.

We had opposed even in 2013 when the government had imposed the 80% consent clause. Trinamool Congress had said that we want 100% consent of farmers for land acquisition for private parties as we had done during the Singur agitation.

It has been a matter of principle and a matter of faith for our party and we shall continue to oppose any attempts to tweak the Land Acquisition Bill in favour of the big businesses which this government is trying to cater to.