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May 19, 2015

West Bengal excels in distribution of land to poor, landless people

West Bengal excels in distribution of land to poor, landless people

West Bengal Government under Trinamool Congress has achieved a huge feat in Land and Land Reforms in 2011, in spite of the of the land reforms movement taken up by the erstwhile Left Government during its 34 years tenure.

From distribution of land pattas to landless farmers to allotments made in budget in the land reforms sector, from collection of land revenues to transparent patta distribution policy, the Trinamool Government has excelled in every sphere only within a period of four years.

Distribution of Land Pattas

In the last two years of the Left rule, the pattas given to landless families were a total of 41, 304, i.e. 5082 in 2009-10 and 36,222 in 2010-11.

In comparison, in 2012-13 the Trinamool Government distributed 62,781 pattas and in 2013-14, it distributed 1, 06,544 pattas, which is 1, 69,325 pattas to landless families in just two years. The average numbers of pattas distributed are 84,663 per year, which averages thrice as much as the past Left Government.

In the past four years, more than 2.5 lakh families were distributed with land pattas.

Transparent policy regarding patta distribution

• Landless and poor families are distributed with a maximum 5 decimal of land

• The land which is being distributed is from the Khas lands of the Government or is bought by the Government

• The flagship programme has been named Nijo Griha Nijo Bhumi

• The Government aims at providing land pattas to all the landless poor families in rural Bengal

Yearly planned expenditure towards Land and Land reforms have increased

In the last four years of the Left Government the yearly planned expenditure towards Land and Land Reforms during 2007-2011 was Rs 82.67 crore. In the four years of Trinamool Government from 2011-2015, the expenditure has been 207.64 crores.

Success in collection of land revenues

In the last two years of the Left rule, the land revenues collected was Rs 520.62 crores. In 2009-10, the collection was Rs 244.08 crores and in 2010-2011, it was Rs 276.54 crores. In two years under the Trinamool Government, land revenues collected is Rs 1036.45 crores. In 2012-13, the revenues collected are Rs 483.71 crores and in 2013-14 it was Rs 552.74 crores. On an average, in the last two years in comparison to to Rs 260.31 crores collected by the Left Government, the Trinamool Government has collected Rs 518.23 crores.

In the financial year 2014-15, till December 2014, the Trinamool Government has already collected Rs 429 crores as revenue in nine months, which s expected to be around Rs 600 crores at the end of the financial year in March.


Trinamool Government has been under attack by the media in association with the opposition parties. The real reason of the slander campaign is simple enough. The opposition parties have no other way to counter the developmental surge made by the Trinamool Congress.

Results are out and the opposition has failed, support-wise, democratically and by performance. Thanks to Mamata Banerjee and the Maa Mati Manush Government, West Bengal has witnessed a real Poriborton.