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May 25, 2015

State work culture woos back investors

State work culture woos back investors

Thanks to the revived atmosphere of business activities in Bengal, an achievement by the Trinammol Congess Government during the last four years, industrialists who had left the State in disgust during the Left rule, are slowly returning back to Bengal.

Companies like International Commerce, which left Bengal in 1992, are now flocking back to Bengal, which has come out from the perils of strikes, bandhs and hartals. The mentioned company specializes in mining coal in the coal belt of the State and could complete its order within just six months and could mine an extra 40%, all because of the improved work culture that now exists in Bengal.

Incidentally, the West Bengal Government has taken up different industrial policies to boost growth of industry in the State. The peril of ‘red tapism’ is all but a history. E-governance has taken over and single window clearance system is in place for the investors.