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May 13, 2015

WB CM interacts with kids at Garh Panchkot school

WB CM interacts with kids at Garh Panchkot school

The humanitarian face of West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee was once more evident to the people when the teachers and students of Rangadahar Suilibari Junior High School in at Garh Panchakot in Purulia experienced a surprise visit by Didi.

The Chief Minister, who was staying the Government guest house in Garh Panchakot decided to take a walk and mingle with the locals as usual. Her first stop was the junior school. She entered the schools and spent time with the students,, asked them how the food provided for mid-day meal  was, if they were provided with eggs and if they are getting the text books and study materials provided under the Sarba Sikhsha Aviyan.

She then held conversation with the teaching staffs on availability of the required materials. When the Chief Minister came to know that one of the main needs of the locality was the upgradation of the school to a high school, she immediately called up the education minister to implement the request.

On last Sunday, the West Bengal Chief Minister, while on a walk near the Panchet dam had held conversation with the local people of the Maheshnadi village. She had listened to their plight regarding shortage of water and had given instruction to the district administration to take immediate adequate measures.