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May 29, 2015

WB CM institutes ‘Work from Home’ for officers during holidays

WB CM institutes ‘Work from Home’ for officers during holidays

The West Bengal Government issued an order to set up a “camp office” at the residence of secretaries or the heads of all the 68 departments.  Following the corporate structure of Work from Home, the State has now set another example of progress of work culture in the State.

It has been decided that a camp/residential office will be set up for the secretaries/heads of the department of the state government to enable the officers to devote more time and attention to official work before and after the office hours and even on holidays. The directive has been sent to the respective officers.

The directive is part of a drive by the West Bengal Chief Minister to clear the backlog in projects and schemes in the districts.

The order dated May 20 is the brainchild of the personnel and administrative reforms department, which reports to the Chief Minister. It said two attendants would be deployed in the residential offices and facilities like a computer, a printer and an Internet connection would be provided by the department concerned.

The order, an attempt to change the work culture will be helpful in a number of ways. Except a few secretaries like the chief secretary, the home secretary and the disaster management secretary, the others remain unavailable after office hours. The chief minister wants to change this culture.

A number of things have been promised to poor people and the minority communities and much work is still left. The department secretaries now will have to take the responsibility to complete the projects on time.

The West Bengal Chief Minister had made it clear that department heads should shoulder the maximum responsibilities.