Sudip Bandyopadhyay demands that PM address the Parliament about coronavirus pandemic


Sir, the coronavirus issue has shaken the whole of the world and we are not out of it. And we have heard that today the Hon’ble Prime Minister is going to address the nation at 8 PM. I would also request you let the Hon’ble Prime Minister address the House also, after speaking at the National level.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay makes Zero Hour mention on including Bhojpuri in 8th Schedule


Sir, Jagadambika Ji jo bataya, ki Bhojpuri ko 8th Schedule me shamil kiya jaaye. Kuch saal pehle Nepali bhasha ko bhi 8th Schedule mein humne shamil kiya tha. Hamari eastern zone me bhi Bhojpuri bhasha ka ek alag tarah ka majority hai. Toh yeh vishay par Sarkar jald se jald koi Bill layein aur yeh bhasha ka answer group karein, humlog bhi yeh awaaz uthate hain.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay raises a Point of Order on List of Business


Sir, confusion has been created. Once you are circulating LOB (List Of Business), then it is becoming RLOB (Revised List Of Business) and this RLOB is coming after 9pm. After the subjects that were decided to be discussed were settled yesterday, we allotted time in the BA Committee meeting. We had no idea then that new Bills are coming up the next day. Hence there was no time for preparation, for reading or studying the Bills. The Government should circulate beforehand the Bills for the next day.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay raises a Point of Order concerning allowing discussion on States’ law and order issues 


Let us come to a conclusion. I once raised the issue that State subjects like law and order  better not be allowed on the floor of the House. But three questions were allowed to be raised on the issue of law and order in Bengal on one day. I lodged a protest later before your office for clarification on why on the same day, the same question in different forms was allowed to be raised – concerning the law and order situation of a State. Therefore, if Bengal is being allowed, then why not UP is being allowed? We though boldly condemn the incident which happened in Uttar Pradesh.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay asks a Question on religious tourism circuits


Sir, in the reply, some circuits have been allowed, which covers spiritual circuits, Ramayan circuit, Krishna circuit, Buddhist circuit, Tirthankar circuit and Sufi circuit.

As the Chairman of the Railway Parliamentary Standing Committee, I placed a report in the House on tourism promotion in pilgrim circuits. We discussed these issues very broadly in this report.

My specific question is, whether the government intends to induct ‘Jyotirling circuit’, Jain circuit, Christian circuit, famous temples circuit, with an aim to establish more religious tourism circuits?

Also, tourism is connected with the railway ministry, very broadly. If Railways does not extend their support, the tourism proposals cannot be fulfilled. Whether the Minister of Tourism can make a coordination with the Railway Minister and set up a committee to formulate, and to see that these proposals are implemented more quickly.

And, if necessary, I can give the report to the Hon’ble Minister; you can go through it.

Thank you.


Sudip Bandyopadhyay demands that unparliamentary comments of BJP MPs be expunged from records


In yesterday’s Zero Hour, one of the MPs, Locket Chatterjee, mentioned cut money, which is one type of bribery, is being kept – 25 per cent with the party workers and 75 per cent with the CM.

 If any such wild allegation is raised in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly against the PM, and if it is not expunged, it will not look good. The CM of West Bengal is not present in the House. Our Chief Minister is one of the most honest and best chief ministers. 

A law and order situation also cannot be discussed on the floor of the House. If it is allowed, then Uttar Pradesh and Bihar should also be discussed on the floor of the House. <interruptions>


Sudip Bandyopadhyay speaks on the need to avoid raising State subjects in Parliament


Sir, Shunya Kaal me aap State subjects ko allow mat karein. Yeh House ke khilaf hain

State subjects are not allowed to be raised on the floor of the House if it is a law and order situation. If it starts then every Member under their jurisdiction will raise the same issue and your Zero Hour purpose will be a big zero.

Sir, I will request you to take a strong step in this regard. Thank you.


Sudip Bandyopadhyay asks a Question on the illegal recovery of loans


Sir, whether in government sectors or, in private sectors, recovery of loans is a huge problem. It has been found that bouncers are deployed for recovery of loans and these bouncers, who are musclemen, normally rush to the small loan defaulters, and not the big guys. Big guys leave the country.

I want to know whether deployment of bouncers is approved by the GOI? Whether the minister approves that the bouncers can be deployed? I want the minister to reply.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay asks a Question on the modernisation of Bagdogra Airport


Sir my Question is related to Question Number 89, which have been clubbed together. Sir, a list has been submitted for the modernisation of airports. 

I want to draw your attention to Bagdogra Airport, which is the gateway to the north-east – the ‘Seven Sister States’. Wherever you go in the north-eastern region, you have to use the Bagdogra Airport. It is not in good condition. 

Would you consider the proposal for all-out modernisation of Bagdogra Airport in West Bengal, with priority?

Sudip Bandyopadhyay asks a Supplementary Question on GST


Sir, the concept of GST had been read by the Honourable President in his address as “one country one tax one market,” and that is why GST was announced so hurriedly. For this reason, GST has really thrown up huge difficulties. My question to the minister is that, whether the government is now going to simplify GST further and if so, what steps are they going to take, and what would be the time limit to save the small industries of the country?