Sudip Bandyopadhyay makes Zero Hour mention on including Bhojpuri in 8th Schedule


Sir, Jagadambika Ji jo bataya, ki Bhojpuri ko 8th Schedule me shamil kiya jaaye. Kuch saal pehle Nepali bhasha ko bhi 8th Schedule mein humne shamil kiya tha. Hamari eastern zone me bhi Bhojpuri bhasha ka ek alag tarah ka majority hai. Toh yeh vishay par Sarkar jald se jald koi Bill layein aur yeh bhasha ka answer group karein, humlog bhi yeh awaaz uthate hain.

Sukhendu Sekhar Ray makes Zero Hour mention on the tragic death of the renowned founder of a chain of coffee outlets


Sir, the recent tragic death of the renowned entrepreneur who had set up a chain of very popular outlets all over the country has brought shock and agony to Indian corporates in particular and to the people in general. The Honourable Chief Ministers of West Bengal and Karnataka, and other leaders, including corporate leaders, have expressed their concern in the matter.

A letter was reportedly written by the deceased one day before his death to the board of directors of his company, from which it appears that he was under tremendous pressure from other stakeholders of the company as well as a particular senior officer of the Income Tax Department, whom he named. I am not in a blame game but the matter is very serious. The Government has announced and taken up so many measures for the ‘ease of doing business’; according to reports, about 5,000 million years, they have left this country last year only. If we fail to regenerate confidence among industrialists and investors, the growth rate will decrease alarmingly and the unemployment rate will also increase alarmingly. This is the position.

Therefore, my suggestion to the Government, through you, Sir, would be, let it introspect as to why an environment of despair is looming large among the industrialists and investors, including the person I mentioned here. Why did he have to commit suicide? The Government has to introspect and take adequate measures so that the confidence of the corporates and investors is re-established. This is my humble submission. Thank you.


Manish Gupta makes Zero Hour mention on the attack on an Army personnel


Thank you sir, for allowing me to speak on this. A serviceman, a retired Army person was beaten to death in his house in a north Indian state on 27th July. He was attacked by a bunch of miscreants, who entered his house and broke his head with sticks. Sir, we all know the Army is a force which protects the nation. They don’t fight because of what is in front of them; they fight for those who are behind them. They fight for the country, for the people of India. So I would request, through you, Sir, for proper investigation to be done on this incident and for the miscreants who did this to be brought to book.

Sajda Ahmed speaks on the need for more ATMs and banking facilities in her constituency


I would like to thank you Sir, for letting me speak in the Zero Hour. I would like to draw the attention of the government to the crisis of banking service facilities in my constituency Uluberia in West Bengal. In my parliamentary constituency, the number of nationalised banks and their service is very poor. 

I had asked the Central Government last year to set up a nationalised bank in Bagnan 1 and 2, Uluberia and Amta 2 blocks. But, I regret to inform the House that till date the government has not taken any steps for this in my parliamentary constituency. Facilities of ATM services is also very poor. 

Rural constituents are suffering due to the lack of banking facilities. There is a need to install more ATMs in the entire constituency, namely Amta to Shyampur in the district of Howrah in West Bengal.

Sir, I urge the Government to take my appeal as a serious grievance for the larger interest of the people.


Mimi Chakraborty speaks on the demand for flyovers at railway level crossings in her constituency


Thank you so much Speaker Sir for  giving me an opportunity to speak. This is my first speech so I would like to seek all of your blessings. 

It has been a long demand of the people of my constituency Jadavpur for the construction of a flyover at Champahati railway station which is in Baruipur East. But in the past years no initiative has been taken on the project, for which over lakhs of people are still facing traffic congestion because of existing railway level crossing. It is more painful when a patient suffers and gets delayed in treatment and for students who reach their school late. 

There is also a similar problem in Sonarpur and in Bidyadharpur; both are under Sealdah division of Eastern Railway. I am sorry to inform the August House that there is no railway level crossing in Bidyadharpur as well, which is a prime demand to stop any accidents therein. I therefore urge upon the government to take immediate steps and start the projects urgently without any further delay. 

Thank you so much, Sir.

Manas Bhuniya makes Zero Hour mention on the Kaliaghai-Kapaleshwari-Baghai Basin Drainage Scheme


Thank you, Chairman Sir, for allowing me to speak during the Zero Hour. This is a very important issue for our state, Bengal, particularly for the southern part of the State. The Government of India had accorded techno-economic clearance to the Kaliaghai-Kapaleshwari-Baghai Basin Drainage Scheme on January 28, 2010, which was to be built at a cost of Rs 650 crore. Then the Planning Commission accorded sanction to the project on March 9, 2010. Till date, it was the accepted rule for such a project for the Central Government to provide 75 per cent of the sanctioned project and the State Government to provide 25 per cent. Of the Rs 650 crore, till date, only Rs 325 crore has been provided, which is surprising. The amount though has been utilised fully.

Therefore, I am drawing the attention of the Hon’ble Finance Minister and the Hon’ble Water Resources Minister, through you, to the fact that this flood control and flood management project is not getting the financial support of the Union Government. How is it possible that a project which was sanctioned in the 11th Plan Period, and continued as a spillover project, is not getting the financial support of the Central Government for the last two-and-a-half years? The reasons are unknown. As a result, the project is half complete and the people are suffering, and the objective of the flood management programme is being frustrated.

So I want to know, through you, Sir – and I demand a statement from the Water Resources Minister and the Finance Minister – what are the reasons for depriving Bengal by not providing the fund for the Kaliaghai-Kapaleshwari-Baghai Basin Drainage Scheme, which should be given to the tune of 75 per cent of the total fund? I request you to give direction to the Hon’ble Finance Minister and Water Resources Minister on this issue.

Idris Ali makes Zero Hour mention about developmental work which need to be taken up in his constituency, Basirhat


Madam, I am going to make three points before you. In my constituency, Basirhat, there are no Central schools. I have given prayers several times but till today the Government has not taken any action.

Secondly, my area is a border area (adjacent to the Bangladesh border), and within the jurisdiction of the Central Government, the roads are in a very dilapidated condition, toh woh raaste koh bhi maramat karna chaihiye.


Vivek Gupta speaks on the increase in prices of kerosene


Sir, through you I want to bring up a very important issue. the Government of India has been increasing the price of kerosene by 25 paise per litre every month till April 2017.

The Census of India indicates that close to 43 per cent of the rural households depend on kerosene for lighting, and 1.9 million rural households and 5.9 million urban households depend on kerosene. Out of every 1,000 households, 265 use kerosene as the primary source of lighting in rural India; the number in Bengal goes higher, to 293.

There is historical evidence of many famous personalities having studied under kerosene lamps. Without giving any alternate arrangements, the increase in the price of kerosene by Rs 3 per litre is sending a very wrong signal to the poor people of India.

Sir, through you, I would like to urge the Government to roll back the price and give alternate means to the poor.


Ahamed Hassan seeks the Centre’s help in combating wheat blast disease in Bengal


Sir, I am raising an issue which is very important for the country’s agriculture. Sir, a deadly fungus for wheat crops is severely affecting wheat cultivation in two districts of West Bengal, namely, Nadia and Murshidabad. At least 1,000 hectares of cultivated wheat have already been burnt to stop an infectious and dangerous disease called wheat blast. Burning of the affected crop is the only way open for the Agriculture Department to prevent this fungus-related disease of wheat crops from spreading to the other areas of the State and the country. 

Sir, once infected by wheat blast disease, there is no way to cure the affected crops. Agriculture experts say that this disease was first identified in 1985 in Brazil and thereafter in Bolivia and Paraguay. Here it has come from Bangladesh.

Sir, the West Bengal Government under the inspiring leadership of the Hon. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is giving compensation to the farmers as far as possible.I would request the Agriculture and other concern ministries of the Central Government to take up the issue seriously as it is an issue for the entire country. Measures should be taken by the Central Government so that wheat blast disease does not spread to the other parts of the country. The Centre should also create an adequate fund for the affected farmers of West Bengal, those whose crops had to be burnt for the national interest, Sir.


Vivek Gupta speaks on the delay in the delivery of passports


Sir, it is shocking to know is that almost 28 lakh passports are undelivered and there is no status shown in the dashboard of the Ministry. Another shocking fact is that 62 lakh passports are shown to be pending. Thirty-five per cent of police verifications are taking more than 180 days. The CAG report has also mentioned that police verification reports are taking time because there is no electronic connectivity provided to the passport offices. It is taking more than 71 days to process a passport. Sir, all this data is pointing to one thing, that there is something not correct at the Passport Kendras.
Although the Government collects more than Rs 10 crore as total fees per month through these Passport Kendras to process the passports, the consumers are not getting any service or delivery. Sir, through you I would request and urge the Hon. External Affairs Minister to look into the matter, order some inquiry and find some solution so that people get some relief. Sir, 2 lakh passports have been received as delayed and yet no compensation has been given. Thirty-seven Passport Kendras point out that they have the capacity to process only 12 lakh passports. Sir, the capacity needs to be augmented. Through you, I would request the Hon. Minister to do the same.