Sajda Ahmed speaks on the need for more ATMs and banking facilities in her constituency


I would like to thank you Sir, for letting me speak in the Zero Hour. I would like to draw the attention of the government to the crisis of banking service facilities in my constituency Uluberia in West Bengal. In my parliamentary constituency, the number of nationalised banks and their service is very poor. 

I had asked the Central Government last year to set up a nationalised bank in Bagnan 1 and 2, Uluberia and Amta 2 blocks. But, I regret to inform the House that till date the government has not taken any steps for this in my parliamentary constituency. Facilities of ATM services is also very poor. 

Rural constituents are suffering due to the lack of banking facilities. There is a need to install more ATMs in the entire constituency, namely Amta to Shyampur in the district of Howrah in West Bengal.

Sir, I urge the Government to take my appeal as a serious grievance for the larger interest of the people.