Sukhendu Sekhar Ray makes Zero Hour mention on the tragic death of the renowned founder of a chain of coffee outlets


Sir, the recent tragic death of the renowned entrepreneur who had set up a chain of very popular outlets all over the country has brought shock and agony to Indian corporates in particular and to the people in general. The Honourable Chief Ministers of West Bengal and Karnataka, and other leaders, including corporate leaders, have expressed their concern in the matter.

A letter was reportedly written by the deceased one day before his death to the board of directors of his company, from which it appears that he was under tremendous pressure from other stakeholders of the company as well as a particular senior officer of the Income Tax Department, whom he named. I am not in a blame game but the matter is very serious. The Government has announced and taken up so many measures for the ‘ease of doing business’; according to reports, about 5,000 million years, they have left this country last year only. If we fail to regenerate confidence among industrialists and investors, the growth rate will decrease alarmingly and the unemployment rate will also increase alarmingly. This is the position.

Therefore, my suggestion to the Government, through you, Sir, would be, let it introspect as to why an environment of despair is looming large among the industrialists and investors, including the person I mentioned here. Why did he have to commit suicide? The Government has to introspect and take adequate measures so that the confidence of the corporates and investors is re-established. This is my humble submission. Thank you.