Statewide protest for JEE in Bangla: Didi

A meeting of the expanded working committee of Trinamool Congress took place at Trinamool Bhavan today. Various issues were discussed. After that, the party Chairperson spoke to the Press:

She said that the Supreme Court verdict in the Ayodhya case was expected next week, and she hoped that there would be no untoward incidents. The unity of the country must not be affected.

About holding the national-level Joint Entrance Examination in Bengali, she said that it was a just demand as many students across the country would benefit. There is no problem with holding the examination in Gujrati, she said, but the benefit of writing the examination in a student’s regional language must be given to all students.

On the above issue, the party would hold protest marches across all blocks on November 11 from 2pm to 3pm. Trinamool Yuva Congress would participate too. She said other parties would be invited to join the movement.

In the context of education, she said that the BJP has been changing a lot of things. Even National Education Day would be celebrated after a leader of their choice, rather than the educationist Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

Trinamool would continue to make people aware about the various issues regarding the NRC and Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) as the party does not want the secular fabric of the country to be torn. Trinamool does not support the NRC.

She said that sometimes it is being said that refugees from Bangladesh would be given citizenship through CAB. But according to the pact between Indira Gandhi and Mujibur Rahman, they are already citizens and have all the necessary documents for that purpose.

She extended her best wishes to all for various festivals. November 10 is Nabi Dibas and November 12 is the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak. She will participate in the programme organised by the Sikh community at the Maidan on November 11 and will visit a gurdwara in Siliguri on November 12.

On November 13, she will visit the Ras Mela in Cooch Behar. There is a meeting with Trinamool workers the next day. She will return to Kolkata on the 15th. From November 18 to 20, there are party programmes in Malda, Murshidabad and Dakshin Dinajpur districts. The Bangladeshi Prime Minister is coming to Kolkata on November 22 to watch the cricket match at Eden Gardens. Mamata Banerjee will be there too.

‘Modi hatao, Desh bachao’ is our slogan: Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool Chairperson today came down heavily on the Narendra Modi government at Centre over the issue of demonetisation and said that a man who does not even trust his own countrymen, is not fit to lead the nation. She announced that Trinamool will launch statewide protests across 1 January and 8 January, 2017 with the slogan ‘Modi hatao, Desh bachao’.

Addressing the media after a meeting of the party’s core committee at Trinamool Bhavan, Mamata Banerjee said the Nadrendra Modi government has lost credibility and had no moral right to remain in office. “A person who started his career with riots, cannot govern the country,” she added.

Calling demonetisation the biggest scam since independence, Mamata Banerjee said it was a matter of concern that people were losing their trust on the banks. India is on the brink of an economic disaster, she added.

Upping the ante against the Centre, the Chairperson said, “They have modified their decision from dawn to dusk. Who is running the country? Alibaba and his four associates are bulldozing their opinion on the country.”

“We understood the dangerous effects of demonetisation and reacted in 40 minutes. Good others have joined. More will. Better late than never,” Mamata Banerjee said.


মোদি হাটাও দেশ বাঁচাও আমাদের স্লোগানঃ মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়

আজ আবারও নোট বাতিল ইস্যুতে কেন্দ্রীয় সরকারের প্রতি তীব্র ক্ষোভ প্রকাশ করেন মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়। তিনি বলেন, এমন একজন মানুষ সরকার চালাচ্ছেন যে নিজের দেশের মানুষকেই বিশ্বাস করে না। তিনি ঘোষণা করেন যে আগামী ১ জানুয়ারি থেকে ৮ জানুয়ারি তৃণমূল কংগ্রেস রাজ্য জুড়ে নোট বাতিলের বিরুদ্ধে প্রতিবাদ কর্মসূচীর আয়োজন করবে, স্লোগান হবে মোদি হাটাও দেশ বাঁচাও।

তৃণমূল ভবনে সাংবাদিক সম্মেলন করার সময় তিনি বলেন, মোদি সরকার মোদী সরকার ক্ষমতায় থাকার নৈতিক অধিকার হারিয়েছে। তাদের বিশ্বাসযোগ্যতা শেষ হয়ে গেছে। তিনি আরও বলেন, “যিনি দাঙ্গার মাধ্যমে নিজের রাজনৈতিক জীবন শুরু করেছে তিনি দেশ চালাতে পারে না”।

স্বাধীনতার পর থেকে নোট বাতিল সবচেয়ে বড় কেলেঙ্কারি একথা জানিয়ে মুখ্যমন্ত্রী বলেন “মানুষ ব্যাঙ্কের প্রতি বিশ্বাস হারাচ্ছে। এটা খুব চিন্তার বিষয়। অর্থনৈতিক বিপর্যয়ের মুখে দাঁড়িয়ে দেশ।সূর্যোদয় থেকে সূর্যাস্ত দিনরাত ওরা নিয়ম বদল করছে, দেশটা চালাচ্ছে কে? আলিবাবা ও তাঁর চার সাঙ্গপাঙ্গ জোর করে নিজেদের মতামত দেশের ওপর চাপিয়ে দিচ্ছে”।

মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় বলেন, “নোট বাতিলের বিপজ্জনক প্রভাবের কথা বুঝতে পেরে আমরা শুরু থেকেই এর বিরোধিতা করছি।এখন আরও অনেকে বিরোধিতা শুরু করেছেন। বেটার লেট দ্যান নেভার”।


TMC dubs CPI-M processions as effort to bring back terror days

Trinamool Congress described the processions organised by the CPI(M) in rural areas as a bid to bring back the “days of terror” in the state.

The TMC leadership accused the Marxists of trying to unleash terror and capture villages ahead of the Assembly polls in the state in the name of organising ‘jathas’ (processions).

“They are trying to create a reign of terror ahead of Assembly polls and trying to capture villages. But people will give them a befitting reply,” TMC Secretary-General and state Parliamentary Affairs Minister Partha Chatterjee said.

CPI(M) trying to create an atmosphere of violence in Bengal: Trinamool

Lashing out at the CPI(M), Secretary General of the party Partha Chatterjee today said that the communist party is trying to incite violence in the State in the name of political movements.

Taking a dig at CPI(M)’s ‘jatha’ he said such tactics of capturing rural areas cannot be allowed in a democratic set up. “The Opposition is taking political initiatives only to make headlines. They cannot win people’s trust like this,” he added.

He also remarked that the Opposition is jealous of the developmental initiatives launched in the last four years by Mamata Banerjee and was thus trying to stay relevant through headlines in the media.

“We have no problem with democratic means of political movement. We cannot allow plans to capture villages by force,” Partha Chatterjee said.

“For 34 years, CPM ruled through violence, terror, fear mongering and force. People witnessed development under Mamata Banerjee,” he added.

Trinamool Mahila Congress to protest against misogynist remarks of Opp

The Mahila Trinamool Congress will bring out a rally today to protest against the disparaging remarks of BJP state unit president against women in general and Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee in particular.

The rally will start from College Square and come to an end at Rani Rashmoni Road.

“What he said is an insult not only of the chief minister but the women of the state. We can not understand how such a remark can be made by a sensible man. We demand that he apologises before women or we will keep on agitating through the state,” Chandrima Bhattacharya, President of Trinamool Mahila Congress, said at a media conference at Trinamool Bhavan.

Jai Hind Bahini gets a uniform

The official t-shirt of Jai Hind Bahini was unveiled at Trinamool Bhavan on Friday.

The blue and white t-shirt was launched by All India General Secretary of the party, Subrata Bakshi in the presence of Rajya Sabha MP Dola Sen, Lok Sabha MP Arpita Ghosh, Indranil Sen, Soumitra Roy, former footballer and councillor Shyamal Bandyopadhyay, councillor Sandip Bakshi and others.

On the occasion, Subrata Bakshi said Jai Hind Bahini will be engaged with apolitical, social work. Jai Hind Bahini will also organise cultural programmes on 21 July.

Trinamool to protest against anti people ordinances: Partha Chatterjee


Trinamool Secretary General Partha Chatterjee today announced at Trinamool Bhavan that the party will protest against the anti-people Ordinances which have been imposed by the ruling party. The party will organise protest meetings on 7, 8, 14, 15 February between 3-4 PM without causing inconvenience to the public.

“BJP could not get Bills passed in the Parliament. They are imposing anti-people Ordinances now on the nation. We will not accept the Central Government’s land policy. They have issued Ordinance in every important sector”, he said.

He added, “We ask everyone to unite against the BJP’s undemocratic tactics. People of Bengal will reject the politics of hate and divisiveness practised by BJP. We will protest in every block. We urge everyone who is against communal politics to join our protest meetings.”

Debabrata Bandyopadhyay’s statement: My comments were misinterpreted

Statement by D Bandyopadhyay, Rajya Sabha MP:

I am a soldier of Trinamool Congress and a committed party worker. I joined Trinamool inspired by Mamata Banerjee’s honesty and organisational capabilities.

My statement has been misinterpreted. I did not mean it. All I said was that dissenting voices were normal in any democratic party.

Those of us who come from non-political background need to be extra careful in the future in what we say because our general statements are being misconstrued.

I had never meant that the leadership was slack or immune to it. I have the highest regards for Mamata Banerjee and Trinamool. I will be a member of the party till my last breath.

There is no question of my leaving the party… I am 100%… 500% with Trinamool.

রাজ্যসভা সাংসদ দেবব্রত বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়ের বিবৃতি:

আমি তৃণমূল কংগ্রেসের সৈনিক এবং দলের একনিষ্ঠ কর্মী।  মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়ের সততা ও সাংগঠনিক ক্ষমতায় উদ্বুদ্ধ হয়ে আমি তৃণমূলে যোগদান করি।

আমার মন্তব্যের অপব্যাখ্যা করা হয়েছে। আমি যা বলতে চেয়েছি তা হল একটি গণতান্ত্রিক দলে নানা মতাধিকারী থাকতেই পারে। আমি আমার বক্তব্য সব দলের জন্যই বলেছি।

আমরা যারা রাজনীতির বাইরে থেকে এসছি, তাদের ভবিষ্যতে কোনো বক্তব্য রাখার আগে সাবধান হওয়া উচিত কারণ আমাদের সাধারণ বিবৃতিরও ভুল ব্যাখ্যা হচ্ছে।

আমি দলের নেতৃত্বের দিকে আমি কোনো আঙ্গুল তুলিনি। আমি তৃণমূল কংগ্রেস ও মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়ের প্রতি শ্রদ্ধাশীল। জীবনের শেষ মুহূর্ত পর্যন্ত আমি তৃণমূলে থাকব।

আমার দল ছাড়ার কোনো প্রশ্নই ওঠেনা। আমি ১০০%  কেন, ৫০০% তৃণমূলের সাথে আছি।


Trinamool observes Foundation Day

Trinamool Congress is observing the 17th foundation Day today across West Bengal. Not only did the party hoist flags at the headquarters in Kolkata, but also every party office in every block of West Bengal marked the occasion by hoisting the party flag.

Trinamool Congress is a force to reckon with in national politics. The party leadership will launch the membership drive from today. A Scrutiny Committee, to be headed by State President Subrata Bakshi, has been formed for this drive.

The 17th Foundation Day will marked different social activities taken up by the Party Leadership in different areas. The party has organised Blood Donation Camps, distribution of woolen blankets to the poor, and other activities to observe the Foundation Day.

As we celebrate the foundation day of the party, we also remember all those who sacrificed everything for us to reach here.