Rajya Sabha

July 24, 2018

Shanta Chhetri speaks on cow vigilantism

Shanta Chhetri speaks on cow vigilantism


Hon Sir, thank you for allowing me to speak. I would like to draw the kind attention, through you Sir, of the concerned Minister. Yet again, cow vigilantes struck in Alwar; this time the target was a youth. This unvetted killing is going, rather has been going on, ever since this Government has come to power.
Sir, enough precious lives have been lost, in all 88 so far, as media reports. Honourable Supreme Court stated that mobocracy cannot become a new norm.

My question to the hon Minister, through you Sir, is what are the government initiatives to prevent any further ruthless killing in the name of cow protection? What preventative measures have been taken so far? Supreme Court has advised the government to enact an anti-lynching law. What is the government’s stand in this regard?