Rajya Sabha

July 24, 2018

Dr Manas Bhuniya speaks on Ghatal Master Plan

Dr Manas Bhuniya speaks on Ghatal Master Plan


Thank you Chairman Sir. I take the opportunity, with the permission of the Chair, to draw the kind attention of the Minister of Water Resources for one issue which have been perpetually neglected by the department: in our State in the district of Paschim and Purba Medinipur for a Ghatal Master Plan. It is causing the unthinkable misery and perpetual catastrophic dangerous type of flood every year for the more than 10 lakh people in our districts.

For the last four years, since 2014-15, the State Government submitted the DPR, the proposal and it got the techno-economic viability certificate from the department. But, due to unknown reasons, the sufferings of the people of Ghatal, Daspur I, Daspur II, Debra, Paskura I, Kolaghat, Moyna, Tamluk blocks of Paschim and Purba Medinipur, including Ghatal Municipality, are not getting the remedial measure because this master project did not get financial and technical approval.

It is my humble submission to you, Sir, kindly give direction from your Chair to the Minister of Water Resources. I raised another issue of Kaliaghai, Kopaleshwori, Baghai Basin Project few days back in this August House. Both the projects are not getting clearance even after the repeated requests by the hon Chief Minister Madam Mamata Banerjee, even to the PM, who drew the attention for sanctioning this project under FMP (Flood Management Programme).

So, kindly give direction to the hon Minister of Water Resources to give clearance to ease the sufferings of the people of West Bengal.