Rajya Sabha

March 16, 2016

Derek O’Brien questions the credibility of ‘sting video’ in Rajya Sabha

Derek O’Brien questions the credibility of ‘sting video’ in Rajya Sabha

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Sir, thank you so much for allowing me a little time to raise this very important issue.

There is a video which the television channels across the country are running. Even when they are doing so, they are running a disclaimer saying that they are not responsible for the content of that video. In this day of technology, no one knows whether the video is authentic or doctored.

I am not getting into that, Sir. The issue is much bigger issue. Sir, the issue is that when these so called sting operations are done, what is the credibility of the people who do this?

Sir, I can say this with all responsibility that through this company foreign funds are coming into the country before elections. Sir, if you check the call records of this gentleman you would find that five calls were made to Dubai on the morning that this video was released.

This company, Sir, is registered at Post Box N: 235328 Ismail Abdulla Mohd. Buhumaid Building near Al Quasis Bus Station, Damascus Road, Al Qusais Industrial – 4, Dubai.

Sir, this is a bigger issue for the whole House. Why is foreign money coming here? Sir, let us not judge that video; first judge the source of the video, the credibility of the video.

Sir, we would like all journalists to have the independent power to investigate. Sir, we would like professional journalists to have the right to do any kind of investigation.

But who is this journalist? He is not a journalist, Sir. He is a money bag; he is a shot waiting to be hired. Check out his credibility. What does he say in the last line of his press release? He says, “Five years ago, there was a parivartan in Bengal, now it is time for a new parivartan.”

Are these the words of a journalist?

Sir, the Trinamool Congress has a reputation. A leader like Mamata Di represents transparency and credibility. This is political opportunism.

Fight us politically and not with this doctored video.