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March 14, 2016

Don’t resort to smear campaigns – fight Mamata Banerjee politically

Don’t resort to smear campaigns – fight Mamata Banerjee politically

Mamata Banerjee’s North Bengal campaign started today with a rally at Matigara. She also took part in a procession to remember the martyrs of Nandigram, massacred on March 14, 2007.

Here is Mamata Banerjee’s campaign schedule in North Bengal:

  • March 14 – Matigara/Phansidewa
  • March 15 – Kurseong
  • March 16 & March 17 – Kalchini/Kumargram, Nagrakata, Madarihat, Dhupguri/Mainaguri
  • March 18 – Dabgram/Rajganj


She will be returning to Kolkata on March 17. Mamata Banerjee would again start campaigning in North Bengal from April 9.


Excerpts from the speech made by Mamata Banerjee at Phansidewa, Siliguri today

On the rainbow alliance

Congress, BJP and CPI(M) have formed a rainbow alliance. The Opposition has no shame. For 34 years, CPI(M) did not perform any developmental activities. They only indulged in political violence. Congress and BJP exploited the separate statehood demand in the Hills for winning Lok Sabha elections. CPI(M), which used to say it will not allow a separate State in the Hills, is extending support to some parties today. It is supporting BJP’s ally in the Hills. What we have been saying all along has come out in the open. Haat-Haturi-Poddo/ Siliguri te hobe jobdo.

They cannot fight us politically, so they try to spread canards against us. When it comes to development, CPI(M) and Congress cannot match us. What has BJP done at the Centre for the last two years? The Opposition is playing dirty politics over tea gardens. I ask the comrades of CPI(M) to clear their stand on Gorkhaland. The masks are off. The ‘alliance’ of CPI(M) and Congress is out in the open.

On development

We have distributed Kisan Credit Cards and set up Kisan Bazaars for farmers. We have set up ITIs and polytechnic colleges for the youth. We have launched Kanyashree Scheme for girl students. Lakhs of students are getting Sabuj Sathi bicycles. Healthcare is free in Bengal now. No one has to pay any money for beds and medicines in Government health centres. Over eight crore people in the State, out of the nine crore, receive rice at Rs 2 a kg. We have started social security schemes for 70 lakh workers. Although the Centre has stopped funds for ICDS, we are funding the project. We have started insurance schemes for them. We have done the work of four decades in four years. All the Opposition does is indulge in smear campaigns.

On North Bengal

We are here to work for the people and will continue to serve them. We set up a branch secretariat for North Bengal, which was a long-standing demand of the people.

On Trinamool

We are here to work for the people and will continue to serve them. Trinamool is the only party that works for the poor. We can lay down our lives but never sell our souls. The conspiracies of the Opposition will not work. People do not trust them. They will end up with a big zero on counting day. Trinamool Congress is a party of the people. We ask our opponents to fight us politically. We believe in Laxman Rekha. Just because it is election time we cannot indulge in smear campaign. We do not indulge in politics of opportunism. We do not practice the politics of discrimination. We will never allow the Hills and the plains to be divided. We will all live together in peace and harmony. They cannot fight us politically, so they try to spread canards against us. Bengal is a confluence of cultures. People can celebrate any festival here without fear. Our pledge is to establish Bengal as the best in the world.

On Nandigram Divas

Today is Nandigram Divas. We will organise a padayatra in memory of the martyrs today. Nandigram witnessed state-sponsored terrorism nine years ago. We have not forgotten Nandigram, Netai, Marichjhanpi, Sainbari, Coochbehar. Days of terror are over. We have put an end to violence. People are smiling – from the Hills to Sagar.

On Maa-Mati-Manush

We trust the people of Bengal. We know they will shower their blessings on us. We have restored democracy in Bengal. We have put an end to political violence. We are the party of Maa, Mati, Manush. CPI(M)-BJP-Congress can never defeat us.


* All programmes are subjected to change