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March 15, 2016

No politics in the development of the Hills: Mamata Banerjee in Kurseong

No politics in the development of the Hills: Mamata Banerjee in Kurseong

Mamata Banerjee addressed a campaign rally in Kurseong today.

The first phase of her campaign in North Bengal, for the 2016 Assembly election began yesterday. She addressed a huge rally in Matigara near Siliguri. She also took part in a procession to remember the martyrs of Nandigram, massacred on March 14, 2007.

She threw down the gauntlet at the Congress-CPI(M)-BJP combine, challenging them to fight her politically and not indulge in smear campaigns.

Mamata Banerjee harped on the developmental works done by her Trinamool Congress Government in West Bengal over the last five years, works which have won the government international and national laurels.

Here are some of the excerpts of her speech:

  • My brothers and sisters of the Hills, I have come here to seek your support/
  • I want the development of the Hills from the core of my heart.
  • We are supporting Harka Bahadur Chhetri for the Kalimpong seat. TMC has not fielded any candidate there.
  • Did any party ever field a person from the Hills as a candidate in the plains? We fielded Baichung in Siliguri.
  • In the last four years I came to the Hills multiple times. Has anyone visited the Hills in the past?
  • Whenever there were natural calamities in the Hills, I was the first person to visit.
  • I know the alleys and lanes of the Hills better than the local leaders.
  • I love my brothers and sisters from the Hills. I have a connection of the heart with you.
  • I do not say one thing in the Hills and something else in the plains. I love all equally.
  • I want to carry the development of Hills forward.
  • It is easy to destroy but very difficult to create new things and pursue progress.
  • We formed the GTA, allocated crores of rupees for development & formed several development boards for different communities.
  • We do not support politics over development. We do not believe in fear tactics. We want to work for people.
  • Let the Opposition hatch as many conspiracies as they want. We are not afraid. We work for the people honestly.
  • We are ready to give a fitting reply to Opp politically. People will bowl them out in elections.
  • We want the youth to have better prospects in future.
  • If the Hills remain peaceful, tourists will come, there will be business and economy will prosper.
  • We do not want Bandhs in the Hills.
  • People wanted Kalimpong to be declared as a new district. We fulfilled that demand.
  • We have made Mirik a new sub-division. We have undertaken several water supply projects.
  • An education hub is coming up in Kurseong.
  • We want new tourist spots to come up in the Hills. We want more and more people to come to Darjeeling.
  • People have to stand up against fear tactics adopted by some parties.
  • I challenge the Opp parties to compete with me on the development plank; compete with me in working for the people.
  • I want to see a united Darjeeling. I will never seek votes on the plank of divisiveness.
  • Some people do not want me to come to the Hills. Who are they to stop me? This is my motherland.
  • In the past CPI(M) used to say they will not allow division of Bengal. Now they are supporting Bimal Gurung.
  • The ‘joraphool’ symbol of Trinamool represents communal harmony. We want unity of all people.
  • We are here to work for people & will continue to do so. Those who have been elected by people in the Hills earlier must do their work.