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March 5, 2016

15 points from Mamata Banerjee’s interview on March 4, 2016

15 points from Mamata Banerjee’s interview on March 4, 2016

15 points from Mamata Banerjee’s interview on March 4, 2016

1. We are always with people. We believe in working for people. We never delay our work. We fulfill the promises we make. We are proud of our workers and leaders at grassroots. Our workers are our assets. They are ready for the election. While others engage in slander, we work silently.

2. Look at the three-tier Panchayat, I believe democracy has three tiers: People > Political Parties > Support of the Electorate.

3. I had said way back in 1997 that CPM and Congress have an unofficial understanding. We had decided to break away from the ‘watermelon’ Congress in 1997. They gave up ideology to help CPM.

4. A fight sans ideology and principles is meaningless. A political party without ideology can never have people’s support. I do not support BJP because of their communal politics. I do not support CPM because of their politics of violence. If someone has a strong presence, why would they go for an alliance?

5. In 2001, Congress put up dummy candidates against us. This is not alliance. This is politics of opportunism for survival. They are facing existential crisis. Marxist-Congress Party are running a joint venture. Why is the Congress not fighting in alliance with CPM in Kerala?

6. Bengal has turned around now. Bengal will show the way for Centre in future. CPM was in power for 34 years but didn’t work for the State. Cong/BJP have been in power at Centre but didn’t help Bengal.

7. A section of the media is working at the behest of some Opposition parties. Some people are opposed to me because I am not an intellectual, cannot speak good English and were born in a humble family. My life is one of struggle. People are my family. Working for people is my responsibility.

8. I have felt insulted, sad and sometimes angry when some people spread canards about my credentials. I believe in God. I know one day truth about chit funds will come out. It was during CPM rule that chit funds started. Our leaders have been arrested by misuse of power. No proof has been given against them.

9. People are intelligent. I will fight the war of votes not the war of courts. People are the ultimate judge in a democracy. Chit funds were set up during CPM rule. Congress and BJP were in power in Centre. Why did they not act? Where was SEBI?

10. There is religious intolerance. There is verbal intolerance. It is a trend now to hound someone you do not like. Artistes, industrialists, social workers, performers are living in fear because of intolerance.

11. The stories of factional feud in Trinamool are a creation of the media. Disputes between two clubs, family quarrels are being projected as internal party squabble. During our rule, even ruling party members are arrested if they break the law. This was not the case earlier. Political violence has decreased in Bengal after 2011. Our slogan was ‘Bodla noy, bodol chai‘ (Change not revenge).

12. Kamduni has got justice. Tapasi Malik was also raped and murdered. She is still waiting for justice. Kolkata is India’s safest metro city. Earlier even FIRs were not taken. There was no media back then. We have not forgotten Keshpur, Netai, Kandua, Nandigram… We have not forgotten the horrible cases of violence. Marichjhapi, Anandamargi, Singur, Bantala, Amta… Where was the media? Where are the footages?

13. Cyber-crime has become an issue now. We have set up 89 new police stations, 60 female police stations, 80 fast track courts.

14. What is wrong if clubs get money to improve their infrastructure? Even the CPM organised Hope 86. I spent Rs 1.4 lakh crore to pay off debts. See the latest report of Economic Survey and how Bengal is placed there. We have undertaken administrative reforms. We created Alipurduar district. Six more districts will be set up. Beds and medicines at government hospitals are free. 41 new multi super speciality hospitals are coming up.

15. We have a land bank. If anybody wants to start an industry, land is there. I will create more parks for IT. But we do not support SEZ. I try to help people as much as I can, in each and every respect. I am against SEZ. We are against FDI in multi-brand retail. We even walked out of central Government on the issue.


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