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March 16, 2016

Will not allow division of Bengal: Mamata Banerjee in Terai and Dooars

Will not allow division of Bengal: Mamata Banerjee in Terai and Dooars

Mamata Banerjee addressed rallies at Nagrakata and Kalchini in the districts of Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar.

Mamata Banerjee has been campaigning in north Bengal since March 14 and has already held rallies in Phansidewa and Kurseong. She also held a padayatra in Matigara to commemorate the historic Nandigram Divas.


Will not allow division of Bengal: Mamata Banerjee in the Terai and the Dooars

Nobody has come to north Bengal so many times for the sake of the people. There was a long-standing demand for a separate district, hence we formed Alipurduar district. We have done improvements in every sector in north Bengal. The district has 100% coverage of electricity.

On tea gardens

Around 8 crore people get rice at subsidised price. People in tea gardens are given rice at 47 paise/kg. We have set up a fund of Rs 100 Crore for the welfare of tea garden workers.

On development

Trinamool Congress has worked for development of the area so that the people are benefited… We give monthly allowances to our folk artists. We have constructed homes for the poor under Geetanjali scheme. We have distributed pattas of land to the landless. We have made healthcare free at Government hospitals. We do not charge any money for beds and medicines. The amount of work done by our Maa, Mati, Manush government in the last four years is unmatched in India. We have also launched several projects for the welfare of my Adivasi brothers and sisters. In giving due respect to all languages, we have set up a Hindi college in Banarhat. We have given second language status to Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, Ol Chiki, Gurmukhi. We have also set up an Urdu Academy. We have served the people immensely in the last four years and will continue to do so in the future. We are seeking people’s votes based on the work we have done. We have started insurance scheme for self-help groups. Teachers are getting their salaries on time. We have made healthcare free in the State. All households are receiving electricity now. 8 out of 9 crore people in Bengal are receiving rice at Rs 2/kg under Khadya Sathi. From multi super speciality hospitals to ITIs to polytechnic colleges to Karma Tirtha, we have done it all.

On the rainbow alliance

The Opposition does not talk of development and performance. They only spread lies and engage in smear campaign. They only peddle negativity and divisive politics. Congress and CPI(M) have given up their ideology to form an alliance. CP(M)-Congress-BJP and a section of the media have hatched conspiracies against us. I would like to tell all those who want to fight us, Jo hum se takrayega, chur chur ho jayega. Congress-CPI(M)-BJP have formed a rainbow alliance, but they will not get ‘Dilli ka laddoo’. They will get a big ZERO. Let the Opposition fight us on the plank of development and harmony. Those who have bled Bengal for 34 years, carried out political violence for decades are giving us lectures now. If they want to fight us, do so politically. Do not try your dirty tricks. They are trying to malign our character. The alliance between CPI(M)-Congress is sans ideology. It is a nexus for opportunism. CPI(M) incurred huge debts and we are still paying for their deeds. We have given job security to contractual and casual workers. CPI(M) destroyed the State for 34 years whereas BJP has crores of party funds.

On the unity of the Hills

Some political leaders say one thing in the Plains and the opposite in the Hills. Till my last breath I will protect the unity of the State. Terai-Dooars-Hills will remain united. CPI(M) used to oppose the division of Bengal in the past. Now they are supporting the GJM in the Hill. For the development to continue seamlessly, we have formed several development boards for different communities in the Hills. Jalpaiguri is a beautiful district bordered by the Hills on one side and lush-green forest on the other. I have visited north Bengal several times and will keep coming here. Those who were in power in the past neglected this district. I’ve visited Jalpaiguri innumerable times. No one else cared about them before, they tried hard to incite violence but we did not allow any untoward incident in the State. During CPI(M) rule, people of Hills and Terai were pitted against each other. Now there is only peace. We are promoting tourism in Jalpaiguri district and eco-tourism at Gajoldoba.

On education

We have set up Hindi College in Banarhat. 31 lakh girls are receiving Kanyashree scholarships. 40 lakh students will get Sabuj Sathi cycles. We have initiated Shikshashree scholarships for SC/ST students. 16 lakh students have benefitted. Over 1 crore minority students have received scholarships. This is the highest in the country

On Trinamool

Our government is for the people, with the people. We work for people of all castes, tribes, communities and religions. Our party flag is our credential. We follow an ideology.

Trinamool will win more seats than the past. Smear campaigns against us will never work. We cannot sell our flags for political benefits. The motto of Trinamool is to maintain communal harmony. We do not discriminate among people.

Sokal sokal bendhe jot, joraphool ey sob vote.
Sheet, grishyo, borsha, Trinamool Congress manush er bhorsha.
Raha gulshan toh joraphool zaroor khilenge. Aanewale election mein zabardast jitenge

Common people of the State are with us. Opposition cannot defeat us with their canards and lies. We trust the people of Bengal. We have them by our side. The Maa, Mati, Manush of Bengal will bless us.