Lok Sabha

April 27, 2016

Tapas Mondal speaks on Demands for Grants (Railways)

Tapas Mondal speaks on Demands for Grants (Railways)

Mr. Chairman, Sir, thank you allowing me to speak on this subject. West Bengal is deprived of getting any viable project from this Railway Budget 2016-17. West Bengal got nothing from the Union Railway Budget 2016-17. At the very initial stage itself, when the Budget was presented, our leader, Kumari Mamata Banerjee expressed her anguish over that. West Bengal has got only two dedicated freight corridors and nothing else.

The Minister has allocated very meagre amount for the on-going projects in West Bengal. For some projects the money allocated is as low as Rs. 1,000. So, our Party and our people demand that justice be done for the people of West Bengal. You have done so many things for the other parts of the country. So, please do something, announce some projects for the people of West Bengal.

Earlier, when Kumari Mamata Banerjee, our leader was the Railway Minister, she announced a lot of projects for West Bengal.

Those projects have been neglected by the present Budget. If it is not possible to do it this time, please do it next time, when you will present the Budget for the next year so that the on-going projects, viable projects, expansion projects, railway based industries can get justice from the Union Budget. This is my first appeal to the Union Minister.

The second issue is regarding my constituency. Ranaghat is my Lok Sabha constituency. It is nearer to Kolkata. There is a huge and long-pending demand for construction of motorable subway. But the Railway Ministry took a decision to construct a subway for pedestrians and that subway is almost on the verge of completion.

My request to the Union Minister is this. I wrote many letters to him. I raised this issue many a time in Parliament. However, the Government and the Minister had not paid attention. Conversion of pedestrian subway to motorable subway is very important for the city of Ranaghat, which is divided by the railway stations. One part has no facilities but the other part has all the public amenities like hospitals, banks, schools, colleges, etc. are there So, the eastern part where no such important facilities are there, patients are facing great problem.

Please ensure conversion of subway meant for pedestrians into motorable subway so that ambulances can come on time and critical patients can have treatment in hospitals.

There are local trains that are bound to Sealdah and Howrah Stations. I had requested earlier to increase the frequency of the local trains. During the peak office hours, frequency is less. The daily passengers and office-goers – `daily passengers’ in Bengali are known as `daily patients’ are travelling in inhuman conditions. In a seat meant for three persons, at least five or six passengers sit; huge crowd is there in each and every compartment of local trains. So, in order to give some comfort to the office-goers, please try to increase the number of passenger trains during the peak office hours. This is my request. Please increase the number of compartments from nine to 12.

Almost all the stations are expanded and can accommodate 12 compartments but trains are running with only nine compartments. If you increase the compartments from nine to 12, then, more number of passengers can be accommodated and they can reach their destination safely.

There are a lot of unmanned level crossings in my constituency. I wrote on this many a time to the Minister, raised the issue in the House also but four or five unmanned level crossings can be looked into and can be implemented. Please do the needful so that we can avoid accidents.

The Central Government had announced last year to establish an AIIMS at Kalyani, which is an upcoming and planned city in West Bengal, about 55 kms. from Kolkata Airport. Kalyani city may be connected through metro railway from Barrackpore. Up to Barrackpore, there is a metro railway line proposed for which work is initiated. When one of our leaders, Shri Dinesh Trivedi was the Railway Minister, he allotted some money for evaluating the possibility of developing the metro railway from Barrackpore to Kalyani. Please do the needful so that the patients, doctors and huge sections of people can travel safely in the coming years through metro railway from Barrackpore to Kalyani.

Sir, Nabadwip Dham is the birth place of Mahaprabhu Chaitanya. It is one of the important tourist destinations in this country. It has a very old railway station. I would request the Government to make this station as a model railway station and give justice to the people of Nabadwip and all the tourists who are travelling to visit Nabadwip Dham.

Chakda is another important railway station. It is a new city with a population of more than 50,000 people and at least 30,000 people are travelling to Kolkata by train by Ranaghat-Krishna Nagar Local, Gidhi Local or Shantipur Local. So, I demand that a new Chakda Local Train should be introduced from Chakda to Sealdah during office hours so that the office goers and the common people can get a safe journey towards the Capital of the State.

Regarding other announcements made by the hon. Railway Minister, we welcome all those announcements. We know that he has made many new proposals and even announced bullet trains for the rest of the country except West Bengal. So, we hope that there would be a time when the Union Railway Minister would give justice, give some new projects to the State of West Bengal so that the people of West Bengal would feel happy and bless the Railway Minister.

Thank you.