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April 21, 2016

Dr Amit Mitra LIVE on Facebook

Dr Amit Mitra LIVE on Facebook

Dr Amit Mitra was LIVE on Facebook today. Here is the full transcript of what he said: 

We are at the point of history when development will be tested for democracy. You will be happy to know that West Bengal has produced the highest development possible in these modern times, in five years of time.

We have built schools. 2500 primary schools, 3500 upper primary schools. We have built colleges. Only 36 colleges in the entire period since independence. We have built 45 colleges, 170 ITIs, 80 polytechnics. If you look at the verticals, finally we come to universities; only 13 universities were there in Bengal. Today you have another 15 additional universities, seven in the Government and eight in the private sector.

আমি আজকে চেষ্টা করব বাংলায় কিছু বলার এবং হিন্দিতেও কিছু যাতে সব ধরনের মানুষ এই কথাটা বলতে পারে আজ আপনাদের বলতে চাই, উন্নয়নের যে বিরাট জোয়ার এসেছে, সেই জোয়ারে আজকের বাংলার ভোটার,  তাদের মনস্থির করতে হবে তারা সন্ত্রাস চায় না উন্নয়ন চায়। মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়ের নেতৃত্বে আজ উন্নয়নের জোয়ার আজকে unmistakable. কেউ বলতে পারছেনা যে তা হয়নি। সেহেতু আজকে আপনারা আশীর্বাদ করবেন তৃণমূল কংগ্রেসকে, যাতে আরও পাঁচ বছর এই উন্নয়নের জোয়ার নিয়ে আমরা এগিয়ে যেতে পারি।

Let me come back to the theme of development. I must confess that what West Bengal has done today, India will do tomorrow. I will give you a palpable example. Today in the area of taxation, we are providing a certificate to the taxpayer which is dematerialized.

No state in the country has ever been able to do that. We are providing payments only by computers for the State Government using the e-portal of RBI. No state has been able to do that. They are all rushing to Bengal, you see how they will do. So, at one time Ghokhle had said, “What Bengal thinks today, India will think tomorrow”. Today, the new slogan is, what Bengal has done today, India will do tomorrow.

Let me give you an example of what Bengal has done today, what the world is going to do tomorrow. The Kanyashree Project আপনারা সবাই জানেন today 53 countries met in London, on Kanyashree and the United Nations has suggested 53 countries , African countries, Latin American countries, Asian countries, do what Bengal has done in the area of Kanyashree. 33 lakh girls have registered. So, my submission is, what Bengal has done today, the world will do tomorrow.

If you are for development, if you are for new frontiers, this is the time. Take your weapon of vote in democratic polity and apply it and give Mamata Banerjee five more years to put this development to new phase so that Bengal becomes the number 1 state. That’s the objective.