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April 13, 2016

Didi slams the ‘unethical’ alliance in Alipurduar & Jalpaiguri

Didi slams the ‘unethical’ alliance in Alipurduar & Jalpaiguri

Mamata Banerjee Tuesday slammed the Congress and the CPI(M) for their “unethical alliance” at two rallies in Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri.

She also slammed the Centre for the plight of tea garden workers.

“The Prime Minister comes here and speaks at length. He talks about selling tea. Ask him… three months back, the central government had said it would take over seven tea estates. Nothing has happened till date… he has made such comments for votes. Under whose jurisdiction are the tea estates? He will not do anything,” she said.

The Chairperson added that  tea garden workers would starve if she didn’t provide food grains to them. “If I do not provide it to you, you can’t have food. I will always do your work. But you please strengthen my party. Please vote for us,” she said, referring to the supply of subsidised food grains to tea gardens.

“I have come to the Hills and the Dooars at least 100 times. I love you,” she said in Alipurduar

“The situation had become tense in the Terai and the Dooars because of the movement in the hills. We could pacify all of them and there is peace across the region now. I want to make it clear to the BJP that to be courageous is good, but over-confidence is not good,” she told the audience in Jalpaiguri.