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April 15, 2016

#RealBengal Real Stories: Didi posts multiple videos on her Facebook page

#RealBengal Real Stories: Didi posts multiple videos on her Facebook page

Mamata Banerjee today posted multiple videos on her face book page depicting #RealBengal.

Description and link of the videos:

The story of Md. Jargis Alamgir from Dakshin Dinajpur

Huge thrust on agricultural credit, modernization and improvement of productivity made him and like him, lakhs and lakhs of farmers in the state get modern machinery for agriculture. He is happy now, the farmers are happy now.

The story of Suchita Mandal from Birbhum

She is associated with a self-help group which received a loan. They have bought sewing machines with the loan and started a business. Now many women are earning their livelihood.

The story of Hafijur Rahman from Dakshin Dinajpur

Hafijur Rahman did not have any land earlier. Now he has a roof on his head and is living in peace and prosperity. Watch how this change took place in his life.

The story of Amit Nayek from Dooars

Amit Nayek  is a driver. Thanks to better roads, driving has become much easier now. Peace has returned to the Hills, so tourist inflow has also increased, which has made life easier for him.

The Story of Shanti Sharma from Darjeeling

Many artistes and actors like Shanti Sharma from Darjeeling are now getting monthly stipends. They are happy and living peacefully.

The story of Carine Lepcha from Kalimpong

Carine Lepcha from Kalimpong is a teacher of a new school for Lepcha kids has been set up in the Hills, thanks to which the local children can now study in their own language.

The story of Chandidas Majhi from Birbhum

Chandidas Majhi from Birbhum is a Baul singer who has received his due recognition. Thanks to the Lokprasar Prakalpa, now he is getting financial assistance also.

The story of Sheela Oraon from Alipurduar

This is the story of Sheela Oraon is a tea-garden worker of Alipurduar, who now gets higher wages, support for food, healthcare, education of children and many amenities under our Social Security Schemes for tea-gardens.