Lok Sabha

July 20, 2018

Saugata Roy speaks on the No-Confidence Motion

Saugata Roy speaks on the No-Confidence Motion

Sir, I rise to speak on the No-Confidence Motion brought by the TDP. The fact that TDP brought the Motion is of significance because TDP was an ally of the BJP in 2014. And now I see another no confidence in the benches. Shiv Sena which is still an ally of the BJP who has got their Minister in Central Government, they have boycotted the House today. Apart from BJD, which was neutral, which has worked out. So, the no confidence is already taking place. No Confidence is not a matter of number crunching, as our CM says, No Confidence is a matter of principles. Among the people, our CM says already there is No Confidence against the Government. Wherever there is a bye-election held, the BJP loses. They have lost in Uluberia by five lakhs votes in West Bengal. Gorokhpur, Fulpur, Kairana in UP they have lost. Araria in Bihar they have lost, Bhandara Gundi in Maharashtra they have lost, Ajmer, Alwar in RJ they have lost. They have also lost Karnataka. Jahan bhi chunav ho raha hain, BJP haar raha hain, ye yaad rakhiye aur 2019 mein birodhi log 1:1 karega aur 2019 mein bhi BJP haar jayega, yeh main pehle se bata raha hoon.

Deputy Speaker Sir, I want to mention that the PM of the country have become like a travelling salesman, like a hawker. Accha bematlab he went to West Bengal and addressed a meeting, koi matlab nehi. He did not announce any new project, he did not praise the state government for their success in Kanyashree, looking after the girl child, he did not mention that in West Bengal, the rate of growth is 12%, higher than any state in the country. What he talked about, he talked about two things: if TMC is there, there will be no Durga Puja, trying to polarise and which is absolute buncum; and the other thing he talked about is TMC syndicate. PM kitna girayenge discourse ko, PM sara desh ke barrein mein bataye, vision bataye, foreign policy bataye, TMC ka syndicate ke barrein mein bataya. Aur to itna giraya ki bolne ke samay pandal bhi gir gaya aur 90 log ghayel ho gaye.

To main puchna chahta hoon wo syndicate ke barrein mein bataye, main Modi syndicate bataoon? Ek Lalit Modi, ek Nirav Modi aur ek bada modi, uska naam main lena nehi chahta. Teen mil ke ek syndicate hain desh ko loot raha hain. Modi syndicate, again I repeat. Modi syndicate, yehi desh ko loot raha hain. (Modi is not an unparliamentary word). Aur doosri baat, agar PM ko political meeting address karna hain, TMC ke khilaf jitna hain, to unke motabhai hain jo Gujarat mein usko bhej de, wo woha bhasan de. PM koi kaam karega, ya bhasan dega ghoom ghoom ke travelling salesman jaisa, ye sharam ki baat hain. Lekin PM ko ye shobha nehi deta.

Sir, he has got habit to travel. He has made 41 trips to 52 countries taking 165 days. Total cost of the trips is Rs 355 Crores. Not only this, Rs 1,088 crores for maintenance of aircraft, Rs 387 crores for chartering flights. So, the cost of PM’s foreign travel comes to Rs 1800 crores. Now, what have we achieved after PM’s globetrotting? Accepting that he used to say “Barrack is my friend” just like that…. arre koi friend nahi banta! Hindustan apne pair par khada hua toh aiasa hi izaat hoga, Prime Minister ko pheriwala jaisa ghoomna nahi hai, itna paisa kharcha karke, yeh batana chahta hoon.

Sir, the Prime Minister says that he has done something for the ‘kisan’, he is calling his rallies ‘kisan sankalp’ rallies. Now the farmer suicide continues unabated. Sir, you know, how many 2016-17 figures are not available but the total number of deaths in 2015; 8,007 farmers committed suicide and 4,595 labourers committed suicide in 2015. In 2014, 5,650 farmers and 6,700 farm labourers committed suicide. Now the Prime Minister is spending Rs 1,800 crores for globetrotting and our poor farmers are dying, committing suicide for lack of a little money. And when farmers protest as they did in Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh, the police fired on them, killing five farmers. This is the ‘friendliness’.

Now the Prime Minister has tom-tommed that “I have given a huge relief to farmers’. On July 4, 2018 he announced that the MSP for kharif has increased by 150 percent over the production cost. This is all eyewash. Because the Swaminathan Commission had recommended that C2, which is a comprehensive category that takes view of interest, rental value, farm machinery, that should be the basis of fixing MSP. What the Prime Minister has cleverly done? He has announced the MSP on the basis of A2 plus FL. FL is ‘Family Labour’. This is much below the production cost and the whole exercise of announcing this date for farm labourers is a total eyewash.

In Maharashtra, the price of recommended by the State Government for paddy is Rs 3,251. MSP approved by Central Government is only Rs 1,750; almost half. So this whole thing of announcing the MSP and addressing Kisan Sankalp rallies in West Bengal, where his tent collapses, is all bogus and an eyewash.

Sir I want to mention a few things about the ‘Namo’s Demo’. The demonetisation, Arun Shourie described it as ‘economic suicide’.  It cost us 3 lakh crores in GDP growth and wiped 25 lakh jobs. This is the contribution to the country. 25 lakh jobs were wiped out only due to demonetisation and then what happened? The total money in demonetisation involved was 15 lakh 44,000 crores and how much money came back? 15 lakh 28,000 crores. After causing so many deaths and so much harassment to common people, only Rs 16,000 crores was detected as black money. This is another jumla, like he said ‘I will bring all the black money from the foreign banks’, he could not and demonetisation <interruptions> proved to be total jumla.

When demonetisation was announced on November 8 2016, what happened? That was the time rabi wheat sowing season was under way and kharif marketing session was on. It had an adverse impact on farmers’ income whether on purchase of inputs or marketing of produce. This activity is held in the hands of intermediaries who deal in cash. Farmer suicides happened that’s why because they were deprived of their income.

Sir, economically, GDP growth has fallen to 6.6% in 2017-18 from 8.2% in 2015-16. Modi has throttled the country’s economy. Only people who gained was one “mota bhai”, BJP President, he has Rs 700 crore in a cooperative bank in Ahmedabad. These are the only people who gained.  (amidst protests) I have not named anybody.

Sir, I will now slowly come to conclusion. BJP’s economic policy has caused disaster in the country, brought down the rate of GDP growth, caused unemployment amongst lakhs of people and it has led to scams. Nirav Modi, Mehul Chowksi, Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi yeh sab scam BJP ke saat joura iske naam jura huwa hai, their names are linked to the BJP. The Banks are in a horrible condition. Do you know that total NPAs of Banks today is Rs 9 lakh crore and Reserve Bank has asked certain Banks not to lend any money, like Dena Bank they are not allowed to lend any money. So where will the country’s economy grow.

Sir, lastly I want to say that the BJP was very rattled when Rahul Gandhi mentioned Rafale. Now their Defense Minister did not reply to why the price of Rafale was hiked. She presented a secret confidential document to the Parliament without authentication, which is totally unparliamentarily. She should not have done that, She failed her duty.

Lastly, Sir what do you want, what is happening in India? We are living in an atmosphere of fear. Thirty one people across more than ten states were murdered from May 10th to July 1, 2018. Five members of a nomadic community were lynched in Dhule, Maharashtra on July 1. One minister garlanded a group of convicts found guilty of lynching a Muslim trader in June 2017, in Jharkhand. Supreme Court on July 17 has asked Parliament to pass Law establishing lynching as a separate offence with punishment.

Earlier Muslims were lynched in the name of cow protection. In 2015, Mohammad Akhlaq was lynched in Dadri village of UP. In April 17, Pehlu Khan a trader was killed in Alwar, Rajasthan. In June 17, a Junaid was stabbed to death on a train near Faridabad station. In Gujarat, in Unnao, dalits were flogged. Many such cases happened and apart from killing of rationalists like Dabholkar, Pansare,  Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh, the Hindu zealots.

The BJP wants Congress mukt Bharat but in fact they want a Muslim mukt Bharat. We want a “Bhay Mukht Bharat” , Trinamool Congress wants to follow Tagore’s dictum. We want a society where the mind is free and the head is held high, we want today’s India to that level, not to this communal BJP level.

Thank You Sir.