Lok Sabha

July 23, 2018

Saugata Roy asks a Question on UGC journals

Saugata Roy asks a Question on UGC journals


Madam, I am not quite familiar with the english words used by the minister. They said predatory journal, predatory means something which gobbles up something else. Predatory is not the same as plagiarism. When you are referring to predatory, is it a journal which is swallowing up? Why you have used this word repeatedly, I do not know. Is it a perversion of English language, if you permit me.

Madam, my specific question is that I am told that a number of journals which had the progressive stamp, have been eliminated. On the advice of an organisation which I can not name in this House, which is based in Nagpur, there is, for instance, a journal called ‘Demarkis’ published from Agra, which is a the high-class social science journal, that has been eliminated.

There are standing committees and the language committee. These committees are headed by people who again owe their allegiance to the organisation based in Nagpur. I want to know, will the Minister find out a way where free thinking, free expression should exist in this country and not be wiped out by people with a very narrow mindset?