Lok Sabha

March 9, 2016

Pratima Mandal speaks on Railway Budget 2016

Pratima Mandal speaks on Railway Budget 2016


It is mentioned in the Railway Budget that Wi-Fi connection will be made available in four hundred stations. Madam, you cannot imagine the despicable condition of toilets at railway station. Especially in rural areas, there is no water facility.  Railway stations are not properly cleaned even after an interval of six months or more.

With due regards to the Make In India, Digital India projects, I specially believe that cleaning the toilets is a priority. Sufficient water, especially safe drinking water should be made available in all railway stations and their restrooms. Food provided on board should be adequate and shall meet minimum health requirements. The provisions for food must be available at all railway stations and specially on long duration.

Madam, I want to speak about another major and shameful problem, that of sexual harassment of female passengers. The Government should ensure proper security and safety. In case of any violation or complains, appropriate actions must be taken to efficiently redress grievances of the victims.

Madam, I would like to place my demands to which I had already placed in this House before the Hon’ble Minister Prabhu ji and also wrote to him but did not get any positive results from his end. I once again like to place my demands. My first demand is for shuttle train services from New Garia to Canning, from New Garia to Lakshmikantapur, from New Garia to Diamond Harbour and one local train service from Sealdah to Joynagar-Majilpur and construction of level crossings at Piyali Railway Station on Sealdah-Canning railway track. Three Railway projects, which are the dream projects of the then Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee. One railway project is from Canning to Gadkhali via Bhanganthali, another is Joynagar to Moipith via Jamtala and the third is from Namkhana to Bakkhali.

Thank you Madam for giving me an opportunity.