Lok Sabha

July 30, 2018

Prasun Banerjee asks a Question on Institutes of Eminence

Prasun Banerjee asks a Question on Institutes of Eminence


First Supplementary Question

Thank you Madam, I am getting a chance after a long time. I have a small question. What was the criteria considered/adopted for the granting the Institutions of Eminence (IOE) tag/status.

Whether certain institutes, which are yet to be set up have been granted the IOE tag/status, and if so the details thereof, including the names of search institutes, along with the reasons, the name of the applicant/institute which had applied for the IOE tag/status under greenfield category and the detailed private and the government sector institutions which have been granted the status of IOE as on said date along with the conditions imposed on them.

Second Supplementary Question

An expert committee has been set up in three places – Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. I believe, Bengal has achieved a lot of progress in the education field in the last few years under the leadership of our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. So, I want to ask the Minister whether an empowered expert committee will be set up in Kolkata also?