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July 18, 2012

West Bengal Food and Supplies Dept. initiates food policy

West Bengal Food and Supplies Dept. initiates food policy

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee convenes a review meeting at the Writers' Building today to discuss soaring prices of vegetables in the markets.

Among other major decisions taken to make the process transparent it was decided that there will no restrictions in transportation for rice and paddy across West Bengal. Apart from since the West Bengal Rice & Paddy (Control) Order, 1997 was in force, hence, it was decided there will be no restrictions on the growing or procurement of rice and paddy, neither those residing within the state will have to take any permission or licensee for the same. Anybody who reside in West Bengal are free to grow and indulge in the business of rice and paddy.    

The Chief Minister announced that on the occasion of Ramzan and Durga Puja the State Government will sell the essential commodities like flour, sugar, edible oil at a subsidized rate across all the fair-price-shops in the state.

There will an additional free of cost distribution of rice under the Annapurna Yojna covering nearly 59, 968 poor people.

Nearly 3,13,558 people residing in the Aila prone areas (five-blocks in North 24 Paragas and 10-blocks in South 24-Pargans) and nearly 3,746 people residing in Singur will be given an addition tow-kilogram of rice from August this year. `I have decided to increase the quantity of rice from two-kilograms to four-kilograms for the poor people in Aila prone regions and Singur`, announced Ms. Mamata Banerjee`.

`Previously the State Government was distributing two-rupees rice per two-kilogram in these places but from August 2012 onwards this quantity will be increased by two-kilograms. This means that now they will be entitled to four-kilograms of rice instead of two-kilogram of rice`. She said that this was done to provide good nourishment as they lack good food.

West Bengal Food and Supplies department issued a notice with details inorder to inform and educate the masses. The notice `Your Rights…` informs that from October 1, 2012 onwards the Kharif season will begin and the state government will purchase the crops directly from the farmers by paying an Account Payee Cheque. The Food and Supplies department therefore requested the farmers to open the bank account `zero` balance.  The farmers may also get in touch with the Food and Supplies department in their respective districts.