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July 26, 2012

Chief Minister inaugurates Employment Bank and the Samajik Mukti Card, says will revive work culture in West Bengal

Chief Minister inaugurates Employment Bank and the Samajik Mukti Card, says will revive work culture in West Bengal

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee inaugurates Employment Bank for the unemployed youths and introduces the 'Samajik Mukti Card' in a special programme at Netaji Indoor Stadium. However, an aggrieved Didi said that she will not take long time since she was concerned about the Muslim brothers and sisters who are having Roza and realize their problems.  

The `Employment Bank` is one of the dream projects of the Chief Minister who have always showed concern for the problems of Maa, Mati, Manush and expressed her serious concern over the problem of unemployment of the youth. `I am concerned about the unemployment situation as the Left Front government never even bothered to create a work culture in the state but I will not accept this and will ensure that youth get employment`, said Chief Minister.

 Ms. Banerjee requested the Welfare Development Offices across districts to ensure that the unemployed youth in their districts should get the advantage of this project and enroll themselves with the banks. `I request you all irrespective of your educational qualifications to enroll yourself with the Employment Banks. You may have studied up to fourth standard or even less but please do not hesitate to enroll your names as you may have expertise in repairing television or in some other fields`, said Chief Minister who at the same time instructed the welfare offices across districts and villages to make sure that the project gets success. `I want all the development offices and officials to take stock of the candidates and also educate them about the Employment Bank`, added Ms. Banerjee.

`I would request the private sectors to provide the information at the grassroots level so that all the candidates can visit the centres and check the list. I would also request them to provide a copy of the vacancy to these banks, let the private sector advertise and select candidates as per their norms but if they pass the information then at least we can inspire the unemployed youth to prepare for these positions in private sector`, said Chief Minister.

Apart from that she reiterated that her basic idea behind the initiative is to provide employment to youths since she believes that if the work culture returns to the state then there will be an end to many issues, `We have been working under huge debts yet we have tried to provide employment opportunities which did not take place in the past 34-years. I feel immensely happy to see that the lost work culture is gradually coming back to this state and I assure you that we will ensure that the unemployed will find employment`, added Ms. Banerjee.

`We have introduced bio-metric module in case of 100-days and have issued them smart cards. Those with these cards cam easily avail of the facilities and we will also introduce similar cards for those who will enroll in these banks. Also we will issue such cards for `Samajik Mukti Card`. I want the work to be transparent as I will not tolerate any harassment to Maa, Mati, Manush`, announced the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister adding a personal touch asked individuals if they had understood the concept and if they did not then she will take the initiative to explain the same again as she was serious regarding the project. `Please avail of these projects as I want you to be financially safe and I know if you enroll with these banks then you will find an employment, however you will inform us after getting an employment and the name will be deleted since we will have to accommodate the new candidates`, added Ms. Mamata Banerjee.

However, Chief Minister at the end of the programme reiterated her stand to stand beside people in distress and said that the situation in Assam was serious and in such crisis the Maa, Mati, Manush Government will extend all cooperation to the displaced persons,`The situation in Kokrajhar and other districts in Assam hit violence is shocking. Lot of people are crossing over to Bengal from Assam following the violence. We consider it our social responsibility. We will provide them shelter and food even if we remain unfed,` said Chief Minister.