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July 21, 2012

Trinamool Congress Chairperson pays tributes to martyrs on `Shohid Sorone`

Trinamool Congress Chairperson pays tributes to martyrs on `Shohid Sorone`
Trinamool Congress Chairperson and Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee pays tributes to the martyrs on Martyrs` Day, here the excerpts from her historic speech :

I welcome you all and I thank you for coming in large numbers inspite of the rains. I request you to keep calm and maintain discipline as only then you all will be able to listen clearly. I have no words to express my gratitude.

As you can see, we began the meeting little early today, usually the meeting begins late. Even today the official time was 1 PM but we started the programme much earlier.

Infact, every year on the occasion of 21st July I begin my speech around 3 PM but this year I had to advance the programme by two-hours. This is done to accommodate large section of people who have come here and will have to return to their respective offices and houses. There is a huge turn out of masses that have come here today inspite of the rains. Those from North Bengal, South Bengal are facing acute rains yet they have come today and I am grateful to them. I am also happy to welcome all those who have come from Bankura, Puriliya, Murshidabad, Jalpaiguri, Nadia, Burdwan, Birbhum, Maldah South Dinajpur, North Dinajpur, my brothers and sisters from Darjeeling, Jamgalmahal and Kolkata. It gives me immense happiness to see the elected representatives from Arunachal Pradesh, Maniupur, Mant in Uttar Pradesh.

We also have many intellectual persons with us like Dwijen Mukherjee, Jogenda, Krishnadi, Harada, Amioda, Shubhada, Debuda, Chiranjeet, Anusya and also we have all our MPs with us. Our speaker Biman Banerjee, Somnali Guha also large numbers of artists from television serials are also with us. Also we have mother of Nurul Islam (food revolution), When I take names please stand and greet the people so that they too can recognize you. There is mother of Rukhbanur and Rizwanur, there are the family members Tapashi Mallick and other Singur families. There are the family members of the Saibari and the family members of the Netai.

I know many of you have come from far off places yet some have traveled more than seven to eight hours to reach here. I have no words to express my gratitude to you, I am really grateful that you have come and believe me this is the strength of Trinamool Congress.

I pay my tributes and respects to the martyrs of the 21st July, Singur, Nandigram, Netai, Saibari, Tebhaga Andolan, Khaddo Andolan. During the past 35-years nearly 35,000 political activists from Trinamool as well as other parities have lost their lives due to the atrocities of the Left Front. On this day I express my respects to all the family members who have lost their family members in such incidents. 21st July is the day which will be always recalled as the day when the Left Front murdered the democracy on the roads of Kolkata, I recall the bodies of those 13-martyrs falling on this road where we are standing today. The day will be remembered as a black-day in the history. Nearly 400-activists were injured who fell to the atrocities of the police. They were brutally beaten up and the dead bodies of the 13-martyrs were not even allowed to be handed over to their family and relatives. The CPI(M) did not allow the bodies to enter their localities. This was not for the first time as the CPI(M) had this tendency to use bullets and muscle power to crush any agitation against them. I would like to take you down the memory lane `I am sure you have not forgotten the case of disappearance of Bhikari Paswan, I sat on fast in demand of an enquiry then. Raghunandan Tiwari was hit by police bullets on 1st August in Behala, he later succumbed to his injury on August 8th. Bimala Dey in Howrah, Manas Banerjee died in police firing. Sometimes it happened in Rajarhat or Coochbehar or even in Darjeeling. They thought by killing people they will be able to stop the voices of the people.

After that we had gone to districts to protest and stage defy law, there too the CPI(M) opened fire killing one of my colleague in Barasat who was killed. That day they opened fire in the hospital. I still recall that the nurse was requesting them not to open fire in the hospitals but they did not listen. We have seen all these, we are witness to many atrocities of the CPI(M). We have tolerated enough. This is why all I want to say is that days go but left behind are the reminiscences. Please don`t forget these people and their sacrifices without which the new Bengal would not have been possible. I will request you therefore that please never be arrogant to Maa, Mati, Manush. I will be hurt if I come to know that you are showing arrogance or attitude towards the masses. You must remember that more close you are to the masses, the more love and affection you earn in political life. You need to reach out to the masses and that will be the true recognition. The CPI(M) did nothing but won the elections by just rigging and the Trinamool Congress is working hard and during this one-year we have earned love and affection of the people on the basi9s of our sincere work. I want you to remember that being a member of the Trinamool Congress is the party which is dedicated to Maa, Mati, Manush and if you can earn their love then that is your biggest achievement. I repeat that the Trinamool Congress can face atrocities and even fall prey to the bullets but under no circumstances we can bow down. Remember that coming to power after 34-years is not a matter of joke as all my staff are CPI(M) cadres and only I know how I am extracting work from them but I am grateful that my officers are helping me. Apart from that some of the police officials are really very helpful. I want to tell you the future generation will run the Writers` Building and I assure you that we will create a bridge between the old and the new. We will have to take the pledge that we will build a new Bengal and secure the future of our next generation. We owe this to them and only then we will be in position to say that we have done something for the people and Bengal.

I want to reiterate that the land of Bengal does not accept arrogance. In Bengal there is no escape for murder, rapists, those who commit atrocities on the helpless and torch the houses of the poor in villages. I tell you that those who are found guilty of committing such crimes will have to give a reply and the guilty will be taken to books. I will not tolerate such crimes in Bengal.

It gives me immense happiness to inform you that from today the month of Ramzan has started. I feel this is a great omen as today is the first day of Ramzan and we have our programme today. I wish all my Muslim brothers and sisters a very happy and prosperous Ramzan. It gives me great pleasure to think that I am holding this programme on the first day of the auspicious Ramzan, this is a message from Allah. I would suggest you all to observe religious functions together and help Muslim brothers break their Roza in the evening and carry with you whatever you can lay your hands upon. All religion teaches to have respect for another religion. When we have our Durga Piuja the Muslims too visit the pandals.

I want to congratulate my friends in the Hills and I am happy that they have already won on 28-seats out of 45-seats and rest will be contested on polls. On 17-constituencies Trinamool candidates are fighting the elections. We will build new Hills together. I would like Subrata Bakshi to bring GTA leader Harka Bahadur here as I want to convey a message to them, we have taken a decision and I want to inform my brothers and sisters in the Hills. We have decided to withdraw the candidature as I feel there is no competition but we wanted to work together. When already Bimal Gurung has won the elections then I feel there is no use to contest elections. We will go on the polling day and we will stand beside them as we want to stop violence and introduce love and tranquility.

Panchayat is the place where you can work for the development of the village and I will request you all to take interest in the working of the Panchayat and also make yourself prepared for the elections which may take place after the Durga Puja. You will have to work very hard if you are keen to bring development in the villages. I want you to stay close to villagers, however, that does not means that you will not take interest when there is no election but right now try to understand their problems and difficulties. Only then you will be able to win in the Panchayat elections.

I am very happy that the farmers in the state had got good price for their crops. Those farmers who would sell their potatoes for rupees two per kilogram are now getting near about rupees eight for the same quantity. This was due to the touts involved in forwarding trading. I want to inform those who are saying ill about the Trinamool Congress and saying that prices are soaring high, let me tell it is in Bengal only where you can buy potatoes for rupees eight per kilogram where as in all other states the prices are rupees 24 per kilogram. I also would like to ask which city takes the initiative to build a task force to monitor the price inflation in market. We have taken the initiative to issue `Kisan Credit Cards` to farmers and will request all the farmers to enlist their names with the crop insurance. In this scheme you do not suffer if your crops are destroyed as the insurance will take care of your loss. Remember the farmer is not required to pay anything since the premium is being paid by the state government. We have also introduced 730-days leave for the female workers in government.

We have taken initiative to build three-universities: one in the name of Panchanan Barma in Cooch Behar, second one on the name of Kazi Nazrul in Asansol and third Kazi, the CPI(M) during their 35-years of rule could build only one-university in private. We have also taken initiative to extend the age-limit from 32 to 40 years in case of employment and the for Tapashili community the limit is upto 45 years. We have introduced 17 per cent reservation for OBC and out of this nearly 80 per cent is reserved for the minority community. We have made Urdu speaking where there is 10 percent. We are giving subsidy to Imams.

We have introduced four-new-police commissionerate and plan to construct more in future. Apart from that we have taken initiative to construct 65-all-woman police stations, 10 all-woman police stations are already functioning and rest will be done shortly. We are the first to construct 19-human-rights courts in the state. There will 40,000 recruitment in police and nearly 50,000 teachers will be recruited.

We have produced 15.4 ton paddy which is an increase by 1,01,650 ton as compared to previous season, we have given 100 rupees subsidy for jute. We have asked the centre to roll back on the fertilizers price. If I start counting what all we have done then it will take lot of time so I have mentioned the selected ones here.

Previously the CPI(M) did not bother to pay any respect to the personalities in the field of art and culture but our government have started the trend of paying tributes to thes e great men. We have celebrated the special days and paid our tributes to Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Swami Vivekananda to Dwijendralal Roy and many more. We are building two film industries. We have constituted award in the name of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar and will honour the people in the fraternity. There is stadium in the name of Dwijendralal Roy, Rabi Tirtha in the name Rabindranath Tagore and Nazrul Tirtha in the name of Kazi Nazrul.

We are building 34-new hospitals across Bengal. We have also constituted State Highway Authority which will take care of the roads in the state and in the coming days the condition of the roads will improve. We will increase the working of 100-days scheme.

The struggle is not over yet, there was a time when I fought for the dignity and to protest against the atrocities. Today we will fight against the apathy of the centre towards Bengal and we will make them roll back in their decision over the moratorium. We have enough man power and if required I will take all of them to Delhi and demand for the moratorium. I will not pay the interest come what may. I have requested them several times. I have told them it is not our debt then why will we repay. They did not do anything but wasted the money. We are trying to develop this state and to this we need this money. I have told them umpteen times that we are not asking for any packages nor any financial support but only a moratorium for three-years. I have asked them when we don`t have money then why are you snatching whatever we have. I will watch for sometime, if they pay heed to my calls then it is fine but if they maintain the same attitude then I will have to protest. We have 28-MPs from both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and 186-MLAs, there are four more in the Hills. We will go to Delhi together and request the Prime Minister to listen to our requests.

I will create more employment opportunity in this state. I told you that I will build 10 lakh jobs but I have already created six-lakh job opportunities within this one-year time period and I assure you that we will make more. I want you to tell you that never be dependent upon anybody, always remember that the Trinamool Congress is self-independent. We are capable of fighting with all the odds and meet challenges. We have had enough in the past. I don`t want mercy but your love and participation. We had our coalition government in the Centre and we will continue to extend our support to the government so long we can work with our dignity. Trinamool Congress will fight alone on the home turf in Bengal. The Congress has forgotten has forgotten that we enjoy the majority in Bengal and they must realize that we are not here because of them but they are here because of us. I am not against Congress but I will not tolerate their leaders speaking against us in a bad manner in the television channels.

I want you to take this pledge and vouch that you all will stand for the Maa, Mati, Manush. Together we will take this state ahead on the development. I want you to create history again with the Panchayat Polls. I know and am confident that we will do it again. See even the nature too is responding to parivartan as in the previous years the used to incessant rains but today the rain subsided during the speech. I guess this s perfect example of `parivartan`.

Please observe the death anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore on 22 e Srabon at all the block across the state. We too will observe the programme at Rajarhat.

The Martyrs` Day programme came to an end with the unique rendering of the slogan in a rhythm by the Trinamool Congress Chairperson…Ms. Mamata Banerjee requests each and everybody watch out and move out of the place carefully. She said, `Please go safely and after reaching your homes don`t forget to take a bath as rain water is not good for health, I want you safe and sound. You all my strength and I am proud of you`.