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July 27, 2012

Chief Minister inaugurated various projects at Bolpur, convened meeting with administrative officials

Chief Minister inaugurated various projects at Bolpur, convened meeting with administrative officials

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee convened a district-review-meeting at Bolpur on Friday morning which was attended by all the administrative officials from the Birbhum district. The Birbhum district is a review tour as she had come to Birbhum last year in April `and took stock of the situation. During the meeting the Chief Minister sat with a detailed notes and took stock of the development and issues that they had discussed last year. Chief Minister began her second leg of the district-review-meetings with the visit to Barasat last week and informed her next tour will be North Bengal like – development of roads, administration, education, health and civic related problems. Ms. Mamata Banerjee was in North Bengal a few days ago where she announced various development projects. 

Ms. Banerjee immediately after the meeting went straight away towards the Bolpur Dak Bunglow Park in Bolpur where she addressed a huge gathering, `I have come here to meet you all and am over whelmed to see the turn out here inspite of the heat. I am also grateful to my Muslim brothers and sisters who have to hear me even they are having Roza and I greet them all on the occasion of Holy Roza month`, said Ms. Banerjee. `This is a very important district, land of Rabindranath Tagore and I want the children of Birbhum to avail of all the modern amenities. The Left Front did nothing to develop the district in the past 34-years rather ruined everything in Bengal. I was with the district administrative officials in the morning and I have discussed various issues with them. I am committed to the development`. The Chief Minister inaugurated a series of projects � an Information & Technology Hub, `Eklabya School at Kankhutiya, a hostel at Rajnagar, Gitanjali Museum.

`This is a solemn occasion and I have always tried to come to Birbhum on the occasion of Nanoor Dibosh, my heart goes to all those who were brutally killed on this day. I have my sympathy with the families of the Nanoor martyrs`, said Chief Minister who had paid her tributes to the Nanoor martyrs on her facebook page, ` Nanoor genocide is one of the major dark spots in the recent history of West Bengal, under the autocratic misdemeanour and misrule of over three decade regime of previous Government. Nanoor incident will always remain in our memory. On this solemn occasion, we share the pain of the near and dear ones of the deceased family together, as a part of their extended family. We sincerely pray that such inhuman incidents do not ever take place in our motherland`. 

The Chief Minister reiterated her stand to make the farmers self-independent, `We will ensure that every farmers get the facility of the Kisan Credit Cards. Apart from that we will build Kisan Bazar and cold storage in every block as then they will be able to preserve their produced. Right now the middle man often refuse you to buy your crops or vegetables on the pretext that it is old or have perished but after the cold storage they will have to pay you the right price`, said Chief Minister. 

She said that her government was committed to develop Birbhum district. `I laid the foundation stone of an Information & Technology Hub which will enable the youth to have employment in IT sector without going anywhere. Apart from that we have also decided to build 125-Industrial Training Institute (ITI) which will flung open employment doors for the youth`, said Ms. Banerjee who reiterated, `I have also inaugurated a maiden project � Employment Bank yesterday and will expect you to enroll your names irrespective of your educational qualifications. You may have studied upto fourth standard or even less but please do not hesitate to enroll your names as you may have expertise in repairing television or in some other fields`. Chief Minister requested officials of the development offices to educate people about the Employment Bank and help them to enroll the names`, she added. `We have built three-new universities in the state amnd will build more`, added Chief Minister.  

`I am concerned and aggrieved over the poor roads. We are doing what ever possible in the state and I am myself following the working of this office but here we are bound by protocol. Incidentally, to make the working transparent and smooth we have constituted Highway Authority of India on the lines of National Highway Authority`, said Chief Minister who also away `Patta` to people under `Nijo Griho, Nijo Bhumi` scheme and Kisan Credit Cards.

`I am committed to develop the art that we have inb the state and I feel proud to stand here while saying this as you have a huge variety of art forms. You have `Shantiniketan` and `Sriniketan` here already, we plan to construct a `Shilponiketan` which help the art and artisans to flourish`, said Ms. Banerjee. `I am concerned about the health sector which has totally crumbled during the past 34-years, we have decided to build three-super specialty hospitals`, added Chief Minister.

Chief Minister reiterated her stand on Assam Refugees, `These homeless people have come to Alipurduar, Kumargram and other areas of Jalpaiguri. We will take care for them and honour them as our guests. “We consider it a greater social responsibility to take care of refugees but we will not allow CPI(M) to make any political issue out of the sufferings of refugees`. `Bengal will give shelter Assam refugees. It is our social responsibility to provide them food & shelter even if we will have to remain half fed`, added Ms. Mamata Banerjee. 

Later Chief Minister paid visit to the Adivasi village in Birbhum district and interacted with the artisans.