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July 25, 2012

Chief Minister slams UPA, Trinamool to protest fuel price hike. Terms as suo moto decision by UPA

Chief Minister slams UPA, Trinamool to protest fuel price hike. Terms as suo moto decision by UPA

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday slammed the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) over the announcement of a hike in fuel prices. Chief Minister who went to Delhi to attend the swear-in ceremony of the President of India and returned in the evening expressed her surprise over the news.

`I condemn the fuel price hike by the UPA. What surprises me is that inspite of my being in Delhi till afternoon today, the UPA did not care to inform me or discuss. They have no concern for the people`, said Chief Minister who added, `I protest. This is unacceptable to Trinamool Congress being second largest alliance at Centre. If this continues like this then I will have no other option but to protest`. She made it clear that under no circumstances the West Bengal State Government will increase the prices in the state and termed the decision to hike fuel prices as suo moto decision.  

In the past the Trinamool Congress has expressed its strong displeasure against the “unilateral and unjust decision” by the UPA. The Trinamool Congress has repeatedly said that inspite of being the second largest alliance in the government they are never taken in to account to discuss the hike. `It is unjust, unilateral and not right. We cannot support a decision which will put a huge additional burden on the common man. It is unacceptable,` she an aggrieved Chief Minister in May this year after the UPA announced a petrol price hike. `It is due to financial mismanagement by the Centre. The Parliament was in session till yesterday but nothing was disclosed, ` added Ms. Banerjee.

On Wednesday Ms. Banerjee however made it clear that she will have no other option but to take to mass protest if the UPA continues this apathy towards Trinamool Congress, `I am aggrieved because I feel the excess burden this will have on the masses. I will not accept this hike and I protest. I will be left with no other options but to hit the road in protest and take Maa, Mati, Manush along with me`

`I demand an immediate roll back`, added Ms. Banerjee.