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July 28, 2012

Chief Minister assured more employment opportunity in Burdwan, says `Rakhibandhan` can bridge communal gap

Chief Minister assured more employment opportunity in Burdwan, says `Rakhibandhan` can bridge communal gap

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee today inaugurated a series of programmes and projects in Burdwan. She expressed her gratitude to the people gratitude for coming to listen to her. She took special note of the Muslim brothers and sisters who had come from far-off places inspite of Ramzan month.

Chief Minister inaugurated a series of railway projects. She flagged-off the Asansol- Chennai Weekly Express train, `I am aware of the difficulties you face in commuting to far distance since most of the time you have catch the train from another station. Therefore we have decided to introduce a train between Asansol and Chennai and assure you will introduce may such trains in future`, said Ms. Banerjee who also flagged-off Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU) train services between Burdwan and Balgona. She also inaugurated the Burdwan-Balgona section after conversion from narrow gauge to broad gauge. `I want to see development everywhere and we will construct an over bridge on the lines of Vidyasagar Setu which we have in Kolkata`, said Chief Minister.  

Speaking on this occasions Chief Minister reiterated her stand on the development and said that she was committed to the development in Bengal and she will see that work which never took place in the last 34-years will take place now, `The state was ruined in the past 34-years as nothing was done to develop health, education, tourism sectors. I will not tolerate any negative campaign against the development that we are initiating across the state. We are trying to develop Bengal and take the state ahead, believe me it is an upheaval task and we are having a tough time but I am committed towards the goal`, said Chief Minister referring to the transport strike call given by the CITU. However, she congratulated the two bus unions for pulling out of the strike and said `If anybody has a genuine demand then we will certainly look into the same and also try to resolve the issue`. Chief Minister also requested the people to protest such moves as they are nothing but ploy to stop the development work in the state.

`We have decided to take responsibility of 562-students who are billow the poverty level and are unable to get proper medical aids. I am aware of such problems, I will see that such children do get proper attention`, said Ms. Banerjee who also added that `There are often many health problems which cannot get proper attention compelling the patients to have special attention. We will see that our children and youth are not deprived of the basic health amenities`.

Reacting sharply over the issue of Assam refugees, the Chief Minister said, `I have said what I feel and would like to reiterate that our government will stand beside the poor people who are displaced and will provide food and shelter to them since it is our moral duty`. She also slammed those who are trying to create a political issue out of this, `I warn those and request them not to make it a political game as we all need to be humane`, added Ms. Banerjee. 

Keeping pace with the Assam ethnic violence and condemning the incidents which took place in lower Assam she said, `On 2nd August we have the auspicious festival of Rakhshabandhan or Rakhi. We all know that Rabindranath Tagore had introduced `Rakhi Bandhan` and inspired people to tie rakhi irrespective of caste, colour and sex. Remember only if you take the initiative to remove the communalism only then this country will become strong`, said Ms. Banerjee who request all to tie rakhi as this can be a novel idea to say `no` to communalism. 

`I have come to Burdwan before and I am happy that most of the projects that we discussed then are almost complete and rest is on the verge of completion. I have recently inaugurated `Employment Bank` and would request those who are associated with any professional or labour work to get their names enrolled with the Bank. I have told earlier also that please do not hesitate to enroll even if you are illiterate or less educated. Always remembers that you have an expertise in a particular field and deserve to be happy`, said Chief Minister who also distributed `pattas` to candidates under the `Nijo Bhumi, Nijo Griha` scheme.

`We are giving Kisan Credit Cards to candidates and I am sure this will be able to help farmers to live a better life`. She announced a series of positive initiatives for the betterment of the district. `I want all those who pull rickshaws and hand carts to get enlisted with the Provident Fund Scheme. I will explain, suppose you pay 25 rupees per month then we will also deposit 30 rupees in your account. When you turn 60-years old then you will get a lump sump amount of two-lakh rupees. Also you can avail of the pension`, said Ms. Banerjee. She also gave away Kisan Credit Cards to farmers. `Initially, you may find difficulties in using this procedure as all of you are not conversant with technology. I will advise you to get in touch with people in community centre who can guide you`, said Chief Minister. 

`I want to request those who are unemployed not to be depressed as the Maa, Mati, Manush government is trying to open the doors of employment for you and we have already done that to a large extent. I assure you that within few months there will many more employment opportunities. I want you to wait for the opportunity and give up all negative thoughts, remember committing suicide is no solution but to live is a challenge which we all have to accept` said Chief Minister.

Chief Minister will convene an administrative meeting with the administrative officials at Memari. Ms. Banerjee will return to Kolkata in the evening today.