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July 13, 2015

West Bengal carries scientific mapping of health infrastructure

West Bengal carries scientific mapping of health infrastructure

The West Bengal government, with investment of Rs.2, 600 crore to add 17,000 additional beds in the state by March next year, is carrying out scientific mapping of health infrastructure to identify and fill the critical gaps.

In some places manpower is present but there is, but lack equipments. While in another location, it is vice-versa. Realignment of resources is also been looked into for a seamless health services in the state. The mapping was being done internally. In this process need-based realignment for 1000 doctors and nurses had already been done and more would follow.

The Health department was also planning for a recruitment drive for health professionals like doctors and nurses. In the last three years, 10,000 health professionals had been recruited. About 4,000 to 5,000 more doctors, nurses and technician would be recruited in near future.

In the government sector, the total number of hospital beds in the state currently was 63,000 and it would become 80,000 by March next year.

West Bengal Medical Council President and Trinamool legislator Nirmal Majhi said the core aim of the project was to deliver quality health services to 8.5 crore people across the state keeping the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s vision of healthcare for all. “We are trying to bring reform from primary health to super specialty and correct poor work culture acquired from the previous government and meet the infrastructure gaps,” he said.

The state is also in the process of investing Rs.250 crore in procuring radio therapy equipments, offering low cost cancer care facility to the people of the state.