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July 20, 2015

Online supporter communities gear up for 21 July rally

Online supporter communities gear up for 21 July rally

Trinamool Congress enjoys the support and love of people not only on the ground, at grassroots level, the affection is also translated online. Several supporters groups of the party are very active on digital media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and help in spreading the message of Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee.

21 July is an important date in Trinamool’s calendar. A huge rally, to mark the anniversary of the martyrdom of young activists on the streets on Kolkata in 1993, is held at Dharmatala every year which is attended by lakhs of supporters from across the State. Several online supporters’ groups like TMCS, Mamata Banerjee Fan Club, Trinamool Congress Supporters, Maa Mati Manush and others have been active in creating a buzz online for the rally.

Through images, posters and catchy slogans these groups have been urging people to flock Dharmatala in large numbers on 21 July. The members of such groups will also meet for a adda session this evening at Lake Town to plan their course of action on the day of the rally.