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July 30, 2015

WB CM wins hearts of investors at Asia House, London

WB CM wins hearts of investors at Asia House, London

The West Bengal Chief Minister invited the members of Asia House, London – the probable investors – to come and scout the State for exploring investment opportunities. She asserted that during the last four years, the infrastructure in the State has become business-friendly in comparison to the past years.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee highlighted the economic advantages of West Bengal and investment opportunities in the state during a private briefing held at Asia House.

The topics discussed included infrastructure development in the state, incentives for foreign businesses to invest, the state’s relationship with the Centre, efforts to cut bureaucracy and tackle corruption, the state’s workforce and West Bengal’s historic ties with the UK.

“I am not from a business background, I am a street fighter. You know better, Bengal is ready for investment. Perception of Bengal has to change and is changing. That is why I am here in London to meet you,” the West Bengal Chief Minister said at the meet.

She received a standing ovation from the members of the Asia House who admitted that they were mesmerised by her speech and were glad to know about the investment opportunities in Bengal.

The Corporate members represented at the table included Anglo American, KPMG, Barclays, Nikkei, BP, PA Consulting, PwC and Standard Chartered. The private briefing was held in partnership with KPMG.