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July 13, 2015

Alipore Zoo set to have a nature interpretation centre

Alipore Zoo set to have a nature interpretation centre

The Alipore zoo, in order to enrich its visitors with information on different reptiles, birds and mammals, is all set to come up with a Nature Interpretation Centre (NIC) at the end of July 2015.

The NIC will be located in a hall at the building which is known as the old reptile house. The hall is 70 feet long and 20 feet wide and the NIC will be housed there.

Visitors to the zoo, especially children, will be able to learn about the history of Alipore zoo. In addition, the visitors will also be able to learn a brief life history about various reptiles, birds and mammals in captivity. The information will also be accompanied by pictures of the animals.

Initially, the kiosks will provide information and visuals only. There are plans to add audio later.

The NIC will have five touchscreen kiosks which will provide all the information and life history about the captive animals in the zoo. It is hoped that this will be of use to children since generally kids take a lot of interest in animals and birds.

The zoo has 105 species of animals (reptiles, birds and mammals) and the total number of animals is 1,400. Out of the total 105 species, about 60 different species of animals will be featured in the kiosks to start with.

In addition, the zoo authorities plan to hang around 24 photos of different animals on the walls of the NIC. The pictures of these animals will basically be paintings of the animals. All paintings will have track light focussed on them for enabling visitors to have a good look at the pictures. The projected cost of setting up the NIC is around R1 crore.

Kolkata zoo is India’s oldest zoological park and at present houses around 106 species of animals. Recently, the zoo got a pair of giant Aldabra tortoises from the government of Seychelles as a gift from there. The Seychelles government had decided to gift the zoo a pair of Aldabra tortoises after the death Adwaita, the tortoise, which was brought to India by the East India Company as a gift for Lord Robert Clive. It was brought to the zoo in 1875.