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July 1, 2015

We will work, we will fight, we will build: Abhishek Banerjee at Asansol

We will work, we will fight, we will build: Abhishek Banerjee at Asansol

Trinamool Youth Congress President Abhishek Banerjee addressed a mass rally yesterday at Girja More in Asansol which was a curtain raiser for the 21st July Saheed Divas commemoration. He said, “West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee will be in power for the next 50 years due to the amount of work that has been done in the last four years. There is no place in Bengal where she has made a commitment and the work has not been done. The amount of developmental work that this State Government has done cannot be compared to the work any State Government for the last 50 years.” “The more some other parties and media houses use slander campaigning against us, the stronger will Trianmool Congress get,” he said.

He attacked the BJP by questioning why they had not protested with the Prime Minister even as he has stopped paying for the 100 days job program and has slashed the funds of most other programs. He categorically stated that the BJP’s plan of threatening with CBI and ED will not work and that the more BJP uses such tactics, the more progress will speed up in Bengal and protests gain momentum.

The Trinamool Youth Congress President stated that the Left parties do not have any existence in the state and that the people of this state have broken their limbs and spine through the democratic process and now they will not be able to stand up in the next 100 years. He went on to say that the slogan for Trinamool now is “We will work, we will fight, we will build”.