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February 6, 2014

WB Govt to conduct disaster management training programme for hospitals

WB Govt to conduct disaster management training programme for hospitals

The State Disaster Management Department has come up with a training programme to help hospitals deal with people affected in large scale disasters.

According to officials of the department, hospitals do not possess the support system that is required for treating people affected in a large scale disaster. The 22-day training programme – Hospital Disaster Preparedness and Response Training – prepared by the department includes a comprehensive training programme for doctors, paramilitary staff and administrative staff.

To begin with, the training programme is likely to be introduced in MR Bangur Hospital soon.

Names of a list of experts have been prepared for conducting training sessions in the hospital. The department has got the health department`s nod and is now drawing up the total expenditure.

“MR Bangur is the apex hospital for Ganga Sagar Mela and is expected to handle a large scale potential disaster every year and so it has been selected for implementing the training programme,” said an official. Officials claim that the hospital will be the first in the country to have achieved total disaster resilience.

There had been training programmes for groups of doctors in Gujarat and Odisha but this will be for the first time that a particular hospital has been selected and the entire staff is being trained, the official added.

According to the programme proposal that has been prepared, MR Bangur can become a resource centre for research and study in medical disaster preparedness and its module can be replicated in the district hospitals.