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February 15, 2014

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee`s message for party workers at Durgapur convention

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee`s message for party workers at Durgapur convention

I welcome all my colleagues present here today. We don`t distinguish between leaders and workers; everyone is equal.  The workers are the wealth of Trinamool Congress. This convention is dedicated to all of you.  I thank you for your presence in spite of the rain.

On January 30, we had seen the massive turnout at the Brigade rally. We dedicated the rally to Maa, Mati, Manush. We create records only to break them next time. 60% people who turned up that day could not enter the ground. In case you missed the rally, do get your copy of the CDs from the Jago Bangla stall. Show them to the people in your localities.

Our government has created 50% reservation for women in Panchayats. Women are now coming forward in the society.

You should know that this political party was not built in a day. Singur, Nandigram came much later.  The journey started in the 80`s. There had been incidents of terror everywhere in West Bengal. From Amta to Cooch Behar, Shantipur to Mogra, there have been various cases of political violence. Our young party workers should know all these facts. When CPI(M) came to power, they unleashed terror. It is necessary to tell these facts to people. Back then, nobody believed us when we complained. There was no freedom to organise political meetings. You must know how we had to fight. This was never an easy battle. Our fight reached a crescendo in Singur, Nandigram, Netai.


Politics does not mean posing for media. Politics needs sacrifice, determination, discipline, dedication and devotion. Politics requires simple living and high thinking. We are here to serve people. Our work involves helping people, not criminals. Help those who are not aware of how to get public services, party will reward you.


I do not have any material wishes. I work for the people because I love Bengal. It is my birth place and it is where I will die. You may try a hundred times but you will not be able to uproot me from this soil. I am proud that I work for the poor. Be simple, stay simple. We are accountable to the people. We keep track of everything that is happening. If the party can designate somebody to a position, it can also take away that position if there are wrongdoings. You should remember this.

I know Bengal like the back of my hand. I have visited each district more than 30 times. Mingle with people; gather information about the condition and needs of the people.


Our fight is against BJP, Congress and CPI(M). We formed Trinamool Congress because Congress had secret understanding with CPI(M).  Trinamool Congress was formed after a struggle of many years. During the Left rule, Bengal was no. 1 in the list of political clashes. Now there are zero clashes.  

The Opposition keeps targeting us over chit funds. I ask, who created these chit funds? Who allowed them to flourish? Has the CPI(M) forgotten about Sanchaita,  Sanchita? The government had no obligation to return money to the people, but we did. We considered it our moral right. 


The Centre has stopped giving money for 100 Days Work, Sarva Sikhsa Mission. They are taking away a major part of the revenues we earn. Why did the Congress let CPI(M) take all those loans? They are equally guilty. We are doing a great job even with such less funds. If they stop taking our revenue, we will show them what development is all about.


Do not worry, I am not going to leave Bengal. But I do have dream of seeing Trinamool Congress recognised as a national party. We will restore the position of power Bengal held in Delgi. I am going to Delhi on 18th February. I will go to Tripura and Assam on 24th and 25th February respectively. We will fight the Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Arunachal among other states, and may be Delhi. We are a poor party. Congress, BJP have huge funds.


If you want to work for the party, you will have to abide by what the party leaders say. In the Assembly, our leaders are Partha Chatterjee and Shovondeb Chatterjee.  You will have to abide by the decisions of Subrats Bakshi in the organisational front. We have our leaders for Parliament as well. Individual opinions may be discussed in meetings but decision of the party is final.


This time we will have to campaign outside Bengal. Your responsibilities are bigger. You have fought hard during the panchayat and the municipality elections. Now we will have fight and win against CPI(M), Congress and BJP, as a soldier of the party, with the support of Maa, Mati, Manush.  The more number of seats we win the more our relevance will be in Delhi.


Bengal is the model state in India in a number of spheres. We supply rice at Rs 2/kg to 3.2 crore people. We have started fair price medicine shops, Kanya Sheree, Yuvashree. Peace has returned to Jangalmahal, Darjeeling, Sundarbans. We wish to do a lot of things, but we are short of money. We are trying to give allowances to folk artistes. We started construction of 16,000 village roads in a single day. 1 lakh pattas have already been given, 52,000 more will be given on 16th February.


From healthcare for education, the amount of work we have done, is more than what has been done for the state in the last 66 years.


There is no room for over-confidence. Be self -sufficient. Be a good party worker. You can get a good job but if you can be a good party worker, you can create jobs for people. You have to prepare yourself with ethics, philosophy and perception.


Stay well. Jai Hind.