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February 1, 2014

Mamata Banerjee`s books a huge hit at 38th International Kolkata Book Fair

Mamata Banerjee`s books a huge hit at 38th International Kolkata Book Fair

Sales figures at the 38th International Kolkata book fair, deemed one of the largest in the world, demonstrate that Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee has emerged as a literary sensation within days of the book fair being thrown open to the public. “The response has been overwhelming for us. We are already running out of stock,” said the owner of the Dey`s Publishing house.

“The sale of her books last year was comparable to mainstream Bengali authors like Mani Shankar Mukherjee and Buddhadeb Guha. The sales are even better this time with the rise in her popularity graph,” the spokesperson of the publishing house added.

A regular writer and a poet, Ms. Banerjee, started writing in 1995 and has written 45 books so far. This year 5 books penned by her were released at the book fair.

Bibliophiles have queued up at the stall of Dey`s publishing as well as the stall of `Jago Bangla` to buy her works. Despite her very busy work schedule, Ms. Banerjee makes time for writing books for release during the book fair.

The latest additions to the list of her works include Soja Sapta, Kothai Kothai, Pather Sathi, Sera Mamata (Volume I & II).

Last year she had come up with a collection of 31 poems in the book `Netai`, where she expressed her anguish and pain, caused by the massacre at Netai village of West Midnapore district.

Human suffering, human rights violations, political protests have always been common ingredients of her poetry.

`Maa`, a book of poems, and `Pallabi`, a book of long stories, written by her received critical acclaim from the literary world as well.

Two of her books for children – `Shishu Shathi` and `Ajab Chhora` – have been a huge hit among kids.

Upalabdhi, a collection of political essays, remains her top-selling title.