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February 26, 2014

WB Govt plans to impose life-term penalty for milk adulteration

WB Govt plans to impose life-term penalty for milk adulteration

The state government plans to suggest imposition of life-term penalty to persons behind adulteration of milk. Senior office bearers with the State Milk Federation, in the presence of the state animal husbandry minister declared this during the inauguration of the state dairy here today.

The state has expressed concern that an increasing tendency of gross milk adulteration has gripped the milk trade. The Chairman, Milk Federation, Mr Paras Dutta said: “We have already detected some villages where adulteration of milk has become a common matter.” He added: “The present law to prevent such adulteration suggest a maximum 10 years of imprisonment, which we want to intensify and we have suggested enhancing this to life term against the offenders.” The Animal Husbandry Minister, Mr Swapan Debnath, after the inauguration said that the respective officials would be warned to keep sharp vigil on the offenders.

The state dairy was closed in 2004 and after 10 years it was inaugurated today after renovation. The farm would dispatch 5000 packet milks processed by Mother Dairy. “Metro dairy has assumed charge to help it running. We would now insist bringing the milk unions under a single umbrella,” said Mr Debnath.