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February 21, 2014

Budget discussion ends in State Assembly

Budget discussion ends in State Assembly

The discussions on the state budget for 2014-15 in the Assembly ended on Thursday with the address of Finance Minister Dr. Amit Mitra.

The takeaways from the budget discussion are as follows:

The Assembly on Thursday passed the government`s demands for supplementary grants for 2013-14, which stood at Rs 19,352 crore. Supplementary grants have been asked for projects and schemes like supplying drinking water, Kanyashree scheme, development of north Bengal and others.

Bengal is going through a renaissance because of the revolution of thoughts and outlook that Bengal is witnessing under the Ma-Mati-Manush government, the Finance Minister opined. “What Bengal has done today, India will do tomorrow”, he said.

The Finance Minister said that the growth rate of the Bengal economy was higher than the national average by comparing the GDP figures of the state and the country. He also rolled out index of industrial production figures that capture the manufacturing sector scenario to claim Bengal was ahead of India.