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February 28, 2014

WB CM instructs Task Force on price rise to tackle middlemen

WB CM instructs Task Force on price rise to tackle middlemen

The West Bengal Government has always been proactive in tackling price rise, specially when middlemen in the market intentionally create a man-made hike. WB CM had earlier formed a Task Force to keep a check on the prices of essential commodities. West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee chaired a meeting of the Task Force on February 27 and sent a stern message to all the businessmen who, without any reason, are trying to raise the price of essential commodities.

The West Bengal Government had earlier taken strong steps to remove middlemen between the farmers and the shopkeepers so that prices are in check. The Chief Minister said that the officers of the enforcement branch will be visiting each and every market to check the prices.  The Chief Minister will receive regular reports on the surveys.

The meeting also discussed means to increase the production of fish in the state. It has been decided that Matsyabandhu, a project in similar lines with the Pranibandhu, will be taken up. Aquashops will also be set up to increase production of fish. Self Help groups will be made to serve the same purpose in rural areas.