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December 21, 2013

WB Govt to buy veggies directly from farmers and sell them in retail market

WB Govt to buy veggies directly from farmers and sell them in retail market

West Bengal Horticulture Department is all set to buy farm products directly from the farmers and sell it in the retail market. The Department will acquire vegetables from the village markets and supply these in Kolkata markets. It has been observed that there is a huge difference between the cost of vegetables in the village markets and the same available in Kolkata, mainly because of middlemen. The farmers are also cheated and do not get a fair price for their products. A task force has already been formed by the Chief Minister to check the price rise which will take necessary steps.

The state government under Trinamool Congress was instrumental in selling vegetable at fair price; kiosks were started at Mother Dairy outlets.  KMC had also started this formula in all its markets in association with two cooperative societies. To carry on the same work in a much larger scale, steps are being taken by the Horticulture department now.

The state Government, under instruction from the Chief Minister had stepped in at various times to check the rising prices of vegetables, most of which have been found out to been man-made cases, created to spread panic among the buyers. The Government had earlier formed stalls to provide the common people with chicken, onions, potatoes and even fruits at a fair price.

This initiative by the Horticulture department will put a check on artificial price-rise by a section of vegetable vendors and bring peace in the household of the common man.