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December 13, 2013

Govt to install weather stations in 107 blocks to help farmers

Govt to install weather stations in 107 blocks to help farmers

The state agriculture department will install automatic weather stations in 107 blocks to alert farmers on climatic changes. The initiative will cost Rs 3 crore.

State Agriculture Minister said the move is aimed at informing farmers about the weather and climate conditions so as to help them utilise the optimum climatic conditions for the best possible cultivation. This apart, the system will also help them take preventive measures ahead of any natural calamity, thereby minimising crop damage.

During the past one year, hailstorms have damaged several hectres of paddy and vegetables in the districts of south Bengal. According to officials of the department, the extent of damage could have been reduced had there been a proper alert mechanism. 

The automatic weather stations will provide the exact weather conditions namely temperature, pressure, wind, humidity and rain at the particular block. 

At present, there is a network of observatories in the state for recording the weather. But it has been observed that the observatories are not functioning properly due to a dearth of manpower. Moreover, manual recording and transmission at times fail to provide data on time.

The department is planning to come up with a system that will generate specific weather forecasting information in advance.

The Agriculture Minister today launched the department's newsletter, which is aimed at informing people about the ongoing initiatives and schemes as well as tips for farmers.