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December 26, 2013

Number of pregnancy-related deaths in Bengal see a drastic drop

Number of pregnancy-related deaths in Bengal see a drastic drop

The percentage of deaths due to pregnancy related reasons has dropped by a record 20% in West Bengal. The difference between the surveys which happen every three years point out that the number of such deaths between 2007-2009 were 145 per lakh while that between the period of 2010-2012 was 117 per lakh. The national figure for the same happens to be 178 per lakh.

The State government led by Ms Mamata Banerjee had taken special measures to systemize and revamp the Health department in 2011. The department was instructed to take action to provide better treatment to pregnant women new born babies. The last two years saw extensive campaigns to spread awareness regarding safe pregnancy so that new born babies are safe and healthy.

Under the instructions of the Chief Minister the health department had made arrangements for shuttle cars to carry pregnant women to health centres for check-up. The Chief Minister who attended 54 administrative meetings in all the districts of the state, had personally requested the pregnant women in rural areas to visit the health centers and hospitals regularly to avoid complications during pregnancy and child birth. It seems that all the hard work paid off and there is a turnaround in the Health sector in Bengal. The common people, who were devoid of any facilities till 2011, are now using medical facilities to the best of their abilities.