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December 2, 2013

Bamboo bridges to make way for concrete ones, thanks to WB CM`s initiative

Bamboo bridges to make way for concrete ones, thanks to WB CM`s initiative

Following the path shown by the Chief Minister Ms.  Mamata Banerjee, the state irrigation department has taken up the huge task on converting all bamboo footbridges across canals in the state into concrete ones. Fifty-six such footbridges have been identified for work initially.

The state irrigation Minister said work had been started on the Chief Minister`s instructions. “The Chief Minister wants all the worn-out footbridges over canals to be concretised as lakhs of people use such bridges every day and there is an issue of their safety. As a beginning, we have set a target to construct 56 concrete footbridges over various canals. Gradually, more than 100 such concrete footbridges will be developed,“ he said.

Rs 60 crore has been allocated to implement the project. Additionally, some new concrete footbridges will also be set up at important places wherever required. Within the city, there are quite a number of bamboo footbridges over canals like the ones at Adi Ganga, Kestopur canal, Beliaghata canal and in Behala. Apart from the city, the irrigation department is laying stress on setting up concrete footbridges in areas of Jangalmahal and in East Midnapore.

After the Trinamool government assumed power, the irrigation department authorities started work on reviving all major drainage channels within the Kolkata metropolitan area. The authorities have been working to desilt the Beliaghata canal and there is also an ambitious beautification plan – to develop both sides of the Kestopur canal and the Adi Ganga. Earlier this year, the finance department cleared more than Rs 555 crore to the irrigation department to execute a total of 136 irrigation schemes across the state.